Thank-A-Teacher @ GC


Georgia College (GC) students often express how their instructor created transformative learning experiences for them, how they created a learning experience that changed their lives, or how they feel better prepared after taking a course. So, beginning Fall 2021, the Center for Teaching and Learning at Georgia College wanted to find a way to recognize instructors who impact their students in positive ways.

The GC Thank-a-Teacher nomination program is our way to let our instructors know that we value their work with our students and provides them with a tangible way to track the good work they are doing. 

Once we receive a nomination, we use the response to generate a letter on behalf of the nominee. We also present the instructor with a certificate to acknowledge the nomination. Instructors receive their nominations by email after grades are due for the Fall and Spring semesters.  

For more details, don't hesitate to contact the Center for Teaching and Learning at or 478-445-2520.  

Follow this link to complete the Thank-a-Teacher form.  


Do you have an instructor who has made a positive impact on you? If so, tell us how your instructor impacted you by completing the Thank-a-Teacher form.  

The Center for Teaching and Learning will collect your responses to present a letter to your instructor nominee. We will also give the instructor a certificate acknowledging your nomination. You can remain anonymous, or you can provide us your information for the certificate and letter. 

For questions, don't hesitate to contact the Center for Teaching & Learning at or 478-445-2520.  

Follow this link to complete the Thank-a-Teacher form.  

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Who can receive a nomination?  Any instructor who teaches at Georgia College. 
  • Can the same student nominate an instructor multiple times?  While we acknowledge an instructor may have an ongoing impact on you, we ask that each student nominate an instructor only one time.  
  • How many nominations can an instructor receive each semester?  An instructor may get multiple nominations from different students up to the number of students who submit a nomination.  
  • Can the nomination come from someone other than a student?  Currently, we are only accepting student nominations at this time.  
  • Since only students can nominate instructors, what other ways can I acknowledge an instructor?  There are other processes in place at Georgia College to acknowledge instructors (i.e., Academic Affairs Excellence Awards), or you can send a personal note (i.e., email) to let the instructor know how much you appreciate them.   
  • What if the instructor I want to nominate no longer works at Georgia College?  While it is a nice gesture to acknowledge your instructor who may no longer work for Georgia College, we may not be able to present the letter and certificate to your instructor unless you have their personal contact information.  
  • Can I nominate an instructor who taught me before the Fall 2021 semester?  Since the program only started at GC Fall 2021, we ask that nominations begin no earlier than Fall 2021.  
  • Where can I share a concern that I have about my instructor?  The Thank-a-Teacher program is to acknowledge instructors who have had a positive impact on you. If you have a concern, follow the chain of command by contacting your instructor first. You can also express constructive feedback on the Student Rating of Instruction Survey (SRIS), which is emailed to your bobcat's email account for feedback at the end of the semester.  

Follow this link to complete the Thank-a-Teacher form.