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Bobcats FIRST

The Office of Student Health and Wellbeing promotes holistic wellbeing for all GCSU students by offering support services, resources, programs, and activities. Bobcats FIRST is a campus-wide initiative focused on the four domains of wellbeing: emotional, physical, social, and intellectual.


Four Domains of Wellbeing

Emotional Wellbeing

The ability to identify and manage emotions, adapt to adverse situations, and develop healthy coping strategies.

Emotional wellbeing can be strengthened through:

  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Developing a supportive network
  • Learning stress management and resilience techniques
  • Seeking help
Physical Wellbeing

The ability to properly manage sleep, nutrition, and substance use and to make a mind-body connection to improve mental wellbeing through physical activity. 

Physical wellbeing can be strengthened through:

  • Getting some movement into every day
  • Balancing eating and drinking plenty of water
  • Using alcohol responsibly and avoiding cigarettes, vaping, and other drugs
  • Implementing good sleep habits
Social Wellbeing

The ability to develop and maintain relationships, communicate effectively, and establish a sense of belonging and connection in your communities.

Social wellbeing can be strengthened through:

  • Joining a group of people with similar interests
  • Taking part in fun activities
  • Trying out a new hobby or activity
  • Knowing when you need time to decompress
Intellectual Wellbeing

The ability to find pleasure in learning, adopt a growth mindset, and learn strategies to develop academic confidence and resilience.

Intellectual wellbeing can be strengthened through:

  • Adopting good studying and time management skills
  • Focusing on having a growth mindset ("I can always improve") instead of a fixed mindset ("I'll never be good at this")
  • Learn interesting things outside of class by reading or listening to podcasts