Writing Center Staff

Mary Alsobrooks is a first-year MFA poetry student. Mary grew up in Kansas but completed a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Alabama. As a Writing Center Consultant, Mary hopes to help students discover resources that they can use across disciplines. (Science papers welcomed!) Outside of student life, Mary enjoys getting far too invested in fictional characters, crying over cute animals, and collecting food-related artwork. She has the most experience with MLA formatting. 

Daria Brown is a sophomore undergraduate student at Georgia College where she has chosen Criminal Justice as her major. She is also pursuing a double minor in French and Psychology and hopes to attend law school. Daria loves helping students brainstorm and tackle an assignment with as little stress as possible. This is her second year as a tutor, and she looks forward to helping students feel confident about their work. When she is not in the Writing Center, she enjoys true crime documentaries, writing books she’ll never publish, and crafting the perfect smoothie. Her favorite citation styles include MLA, APA, and Chicago on a good day. 

Paul Bryant is a first-year M.F.A. creative nonfiction student. He is originally from Florence, SC and received a double B.A. degree in English and Sociology from Furman University in 2019. Aside from reading and writing creative literature, Paul enjoys studying the social sciences, having specifically researched how certain demographics effect belief in conspiracy theories. He likes discussing anything related to writing, and loves a strong thesis statement. Outside of the writing center, he is most likely playing basketball or watching anime. Paul is comfortable working with MLA and ASA citation styles.

Hayley Dechen is a senior Psychology major with a minor in Business Administration and Management. She is looking to go into counseling as she enjoys working with people and discussing societal issues. She is very familiar with business writing and is working on learning scientific writing with the psychology department. Hayley enjoys editing and research and is interested in tutoring students.She is most knowledgeable in MLA and APA style writing.

Megan graduated in May of 2019 with her BA in English Creative Writing. Now, she is a first year MFA student and a second year teacher in the Teaching in Schools Program sponsored by Georgia College. When she is not working, you can find her drinking coffee and writing at Blackbird or walking her dog around Milledgeville. Forever curious, she is always open to chat about anything and everything under the sun—she prides herself on being a very kind, accepting person. Just don’t be surprised if she talks too much! Writing the hard truths in essays, tattoos, and occasional spontaneous road trips keeps her going. She feels most comfortable with MLA format.

Heather Evans is a first-year MA English student who attended GCSU as an undergrad and obtained a B.A. in May of 2019. As one of the many consultants, Heather is interested in postcolonial literature, Romantic literature, and LGBTQ+ issues. In addition to this, Heather hopes to be an ally to all clients and wishes to establish an atmosphere of support and validation. When not working, Heather enjoys drinking Einstein's coffee, gaming, and quoting Spongebob. Heather is most comfortable working with MLA but is happy to lend help across all disciplines.

Avery James is a first-year M.F.A. poetry student and a Writing Center Team Leader. She was raised in Conyers, GA and earned her B.A. in Psychology at Berry College. Her experience as an interdisciplinary tutor for The Open Door Children’s Home and a creative writing mentor for organizations such as 100 Black Men and The North Broad Youth Center shaped her philosophy on tutoring as a process that encourages students’ confidence and pride in their work. Have questions about APA or MLA format? Want tips on organization or shaping a thesis? Want to gush with someone about video games and dead Vines after the session? She’s your girl! You can find her in the Arts & Sciences Building or at Blackbird Coffee writing sonnet crowns while listening to spooky podcasts.

Kelly Piggott is a first year MFA candidate with a focus in Fiction, with a special interest in literature, history, the humanities, Latin and classics. The citation styles that she specializes in is MLA and Chicago style. A 2015 Alum of Agnes Scott College with a degree in creative writing and a minor in classics, she’s eager to assist with academic papers and thesis statements as well as more creative pieces. She loves dogs, cats and other furry creatures, a good cup of coffee and tea, and mid-afternoon naps. Her typical haunt is the quiet hours at Blackbird Coffee.

Shereka Poole is a Milledgeville native. She holds an Associate’s degree from Georgia Military College and BA in English Creative Writing from GCSU. She is currently an MA graduate student at Georgia College. Shereka enjoys reading works by authors like Cormac McCarthy, Khaled Hosseini, Tayari Jones, and Daniel Woodrell. She also has a love for writing fiction and hopes to become a published author and a teacher in the future. During sessions in the Writing Center, her preferred citation style is MLA.

Courtney Schmidt is a fiction writer in the MFA program. A graduate from New Mexico State University with a BA in English rhetoric and analysis; she is familiar with both APA and MLA. She recently returned from serving with the Peace Corps in Ecuador. She is fluent in Spanish, and would love to see ESL students stop by. When not writing, reading other people’s writing, or helping students with their writing, she can most likely be found either practicing yoga, jiu jitsu, cooking, or enjoying the plethora of sitcoms that are made way too available…especially The Office.

Amarah is a senior Biology major at Georgia College. She is originally from Peoria, Arizona and moved to Georgia a few years ago. Amarah longs to return to the hot desert sands but lives a very active and involved life in Georgia via working at The Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Hospital, volunteering at Navicent Hospital, or as the 2018-19 student government surgeon general. Amarah loves laughing, napping, and pursuing her passion to become a physician’s assistant. She likes writing and enjoys helping others expand their vocabulary and develop their own writing style. Her preferred citation style is MLA and aids students in following scientific research paper guidelines. 

Kate is a sophomore at Georgia College, originally from Savannah, GA. She plans on getting her B.A in Psychology at GCSU, and continuing on in the hopes of pursuing a Ph. D. Her ultimate goal is to eventually become a therapist or psychiatrist. She has always been interested in how the mind works, and has always liked to identify problems and produce viable possible solutions or coping mechanisms. Her preferred writing style is MLA. She is excited to help students feel confident and proud of their writing!