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We are looking for articles for scholarly articles on the work of Flannery O'Connor.  Submit articles by August 15th of each year to be considered for the upcoming volume.  Please follow our submission guidelines (docx).

Inside Volume 14 (August 2016)

Gary Kriewald
A Virtuous Woman Is Hard to Find: Notes on a Possible Source for Ruby Turpin

Brent Little
A Shout or a Nudge?: Laughing at Old Tarwater and Miss Brodie

Shannon Skelton
An Argument for the Salvation of George Rayber in The Violent Bear It Away


Special Feature: O'Connor in the Classroom

Mark Lucas
O’Connor Bootcamp

R.J. Heeres
Spirited Grit: Teaching O'Connor in High Schools

Jacob Stratman
Empathetic Anger, Aristotle, and the Problem with Teaching Flannery O'Connor

Katheryn Krotzer Laborde
Hazel Motes Is Not Black


Special Feature: Flannery O'Connor and the Mystery of Place: An Irish Symposium (Henry T. Edmondson III, Farrell O'Gorman, and Susan Srigley, Guest Editors)


Stephen Matterson
"But Why Are the Parrots on His Shirt Blue?": Irish Students Respond to Flannery O'Connor

Philip Coleman, with Paul Lynch, Deirdre Madden, Belinda McKeon, Peter Murphy, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, and Colm Tóibín
Flannery O'Connor and Contemporary Irish Fiction: Opening the Field

John F. Deane
Wolves at Large, or "These Goddam Communist Jesus Foreigners"

Virginia Wray
Review of Angela Alaimo O'Donnell's Flannery O'Connor: Fiction Fired by Faith

Jessica Hooten Wilson
Review of M. K. Shaddix's The Church without the Church: Desert Orthodoxy in Flannery O''Connor's "Dear Old Dirty Southland"

Marshall Bruce Gentry
Review of Claire Raymond's Witnessing Sadism in Texts of the American South: Women, Specularity, and the Poetics of Subjectivity

Josephine Keese King
The Good Woman: A Tribute to Mary Barbara Tate, an Editor of The Flannery O’Connor Bulletin, 1972-1987 and Cartoon: Home Sweet Home

Photography by Aaron Canipe, Tjerk de Reus, and John Bailey

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