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Once you're a student at Georgia College, your records are kept and maintained by the Office of the Registrar. Whether you're making plans for your first time registering for classes, an alumni searching for your transcript or it's time to make the next step with graduation— your first stop is the Office of the Registrar. Located on the first floor at 107 Parks Hall, we are committed to providing students, faculty and staff with stellar customer-oriented support in the following areas: registration, maintaining student records and academic history, degree audit and completion, graduation, transcripts, academic standing and related areas.


All students who have been fully accepted to Georgia College and have cleared all registration holds may register for classes using the Banner Self Service which is available through PAWS. Students who cannot register online may use the Schedule Planning Sheet to register. A student is required to know his or her GCID number and PIN number before seeing his or her advisor.

Registration Information

Course schedule

The course schedule is maintained by the Office of the Registrar in cooperation with the academic departments of each college. Each department verifies the term schedule and works with the Registrar's office to ensure courses comply with the information provided in the catalog. The link below provides access to the class schedule; all data appearing on the schedule is current and reflects up to the minute updates. Please note that the course schedule is subject to change. These changes include (but are not limited to) capacity, assigned room, instructor and/or cancellation of course.

Course schedule

Forms Provided by the Office of the Registrar

Graduation and Commencement

Taking the Next Step

Graduation is the process of completing all requirements for a degree program and being awarded a degree. To receive a degree, candidates are required to apply for graduation by the deadline and to complete all requirements by the last day of the term in which the degree will be conferred. Commencement is a ceremony in which a student is recognized by the university community, family and friends. Participating in commencement does not imply or guarantee that a student has graduated.

Have a Question? We can help.


1. How long does it take for an online course drop to go through? Any courses dropped online are immediately removed from your course schedule.

2. I need to have my transcript sent somewhere. What do I do? There are several ways to request a transcript. You can request a transcript in writing, by fax, or through your PAWS account. Instructions on how to request transcripts can also be found online.

3. When I request a transcript through my PAWS account, do I pick it up in the office or will you mail it to me? We can deliver it either way. However, if you want to pick it up in our office, you'll need to be sure you bring a picture ID with you.

4. I took a class as a transient student, and I've already asked my transient institution to send transcripts to Georgia College. When will my classes and grades appear on my Tranguide and DegreeWorks worksheet? Transcripts are reviewed in the order they are received, and credit and grades are usually posted within a week of arrival. However, during peak times (beginning and ending of the semester), it may take longer. You will receive an e-mail when credit has been added to your record. Please also note that your sending institution will usually not be able to release an official transcript until about a week after the semester or term has ended.

5. I want to transfer to Georgia College. How will I know if my credits will transfer? Your transcripts will be evaluated as part of the admissions process, and you will be able to review how your credits will transfer after acceptance. Instructions will be sent with your acceptance letter. If you'd like more information before applying, please use the transfer equivalencies that can be found on the Transfer Equivalency Information link. This will help you see how the classes you have taken or plan to take at another institution will transfer to Georgia College.

6. I applied to graduate school at Georgia College. Do I need to send new immunization records and/or transcripts to the Graduate Admissions Office? No. The Graduate Admissions Office has access to your permanent records, and their staff will be able to access and confirm any information you've already submitted to our institution.

7. I'm transferring or applying to graduate school at a different institution. Can you send my immunization records to my new school? Absolutely. You will need to fill out the Immunization Request Form, or you can also print this information directly from your PAWS account by logging in, clicking on the Main Menu, then Student & Financial Aid, then click on Student Records. This information is also printed on your official transcript, and some schools will accept this as verification.

8. I faxed/mailed a request for my transcripts. Did you get it? We'll be glad to check. You may call 478-445-6286 to speak with a staff member in our office, or e-mail us at

9. How many classes can I take in a specific term? Undergraduate students may enroll in a maximum of 18 hours per term. Students in graduate programs may enroll in a maximum of 25 hours per term, although many programs may restrict your hours per term. A typical load for a full-time graduate student is nine hours per term.

10. Where can I see a list of classes being offered for a specific term? You can find a list of courses offered by term through your PAWS account under Semester Course Schedules (formerly C.A.T.S.)

11. When is registration? It depends on what type of student you are. For continuing students, registration for the Spring semester typically begins at the end of October, and registration for the Summer and Fall semesters typically begins in March. For incoming freshman, registration will take place through a process called POUNCE, which begins in February of each year. Non-degree seeking students, students using the system Tuition Assistance Program, and transient students may begin registering about a week before classes begin. You can find exact dates on the academic calendar.

12. Where can I find the CRN number for a course? The Course Registration Number is a five-digit number assigned to the specific section of a course for a specific term. The CRN can be found through your PAWS account under Course Schedule (Click on Student tab, and then Course Schedule in the top left column). You will always need these particular numbers to register for courses.

13. Who is my advisor? Your advisor's name can be found on your Tranguide, by visiting the department of your major, by viewing the information in your PAWS account, or if you are an Undergraduates student by viewing your DegreeWorks audit. (go to the PAWS Main Menu, click on Student & Financial Aid, then View Student Information).

14. Where can I go to view the holds on my record? You can view the holds on your record by logging in your PAWS account. You will find the link to View Holds on the student records link under the Main Menu. Any processes you will be paneed from completing will be on the right-hand side of your screen. If you see a warning message, this is not an active hold and will not pane any processes. If there is a four-digit number in the hold explanation, this is a campus phone number that you can contact for more information or assistance.

15. I thought I was supposed to register with a specific class, but my registration time ticket says something else. Which is right? We proof your registration time tickets very carefully, and the information on the registration time ticket is the information you should trust. Your registration date is determined by total number of semester credit hours earned (already completed) at the time you register; it does not factor in classes that you are currently enrolled in or have not completed. The only time your time ticket should change is if you have recently sent updated transcripts so new credit could be posted to your account, or if you've completed an incomplete grade. If you are in this situation, please contact our office at 478-445-6286, and we'll be glad to double-check your registration time for you.

16. How much do classes cost? To find out specific information on costs for classes, etc. visit the Business Office in Parks Hall 111 or call them directly at 478-445-5254. You may also visit the Future Student section of the website for additional information.

17. My professor said he turned in a grade change for me, but my grade hasn't changed on line. When will this happen? Grade changes require three different approvals, so it can take up to a week for a grade change form to travel from your professor to the Registrar's Office. You'll receive an email from the Registrar's Office after your grade has been updated. If you've waited for two weeks and have not seen the grade entered, please contact your department office to be sure that it was approved and forwarded to the Registrar.

18. Where do I pick-up my cap and gown, invitations, and tickets? During your graduation semester, you'll receive e-mails from the Registrar's Office with information on ordering these items. Generally, Barnes & Noble bookstore at Georgia College distributes cap and gown to all students with a graduation application on file, beginning about the midpoint of Spring or Fall semester. Special accommodations can usually be made for students who need to pick-up robes at different times. Information on ordering invitations can also be found at the bookstore. For the May undergraduate ceremony tickets are available each April from the Registrar's Office; you'll receive an email from the Registrar's Office in the Spring with exact pick-up dates. Tickets are not required for the Graduate and December ceremonies.

19. How do I know if you received my graduation application or not? If you are an undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor degree then you may check your Tranguide or DegreeWorks audit. Look for "graduation status " under your academic information, if the status is "petition filed, " your application has been received but has not yet been reviewed. If your status is "plan reviewed by Registrar, " your application has been reviewed and you are on track to graduate, as long as you satisfactorily complete all the courses you listed on your graduation application and any remaining assessment requirements. You will also receive a copy of your graduation application at your mailing address after this occurs.

20. I'm taking different classes than what I originally posted on my graduation application. Do I need to do anything? Yes. If any course changes are made than what was on your original application, you need to submit a revised copy of your graduation application. This will need to be re-approved by your advisor, department chair, and the Registrar. You will not need to pay a new graduation fee.

21. When is commencement? When will I get my diploma? Georgia College holds two commencement ceremonies a year, in December and early May. The exact date for future semesters can be found on the Academic Calendar. Diplomas are mailed at the end of each semester to students who completed all requirements by the end of that term. Diplomas are mailed to the address you listed on your graduation application one to two weeks after the end of the term. Be sure to review our commencement information listed above for more information on graduation and commencement.

22. I can't log-in to my PAWS account. Can you change my password or tell me my password? To obtain your login information or password, click on the Lookup GCID icon or the Get My Pin icon and follow the directions on the screen. If you are still having issues logging in, you may contact the Registrar’s Office at 478-445-6286.

23. I need verification that I am enrolled this semester for my insurance. What do I need to do? To obtain enrollment verification, log into your PAWS account, click on Student & Financial Aid, then Student Records, and then click Enrollment Verification. The Enrollment Verification link will take you directly to the National Student Clearinghouse, where you can print a certificate to be sent to your insurance company.

24. I'm thinking of dropping a class this semester and it will bring me below full-time. Will I still be covered by my insurance? The rules for full-time status vary for different insurance companies. You will need to contact your insurance company directly for their policy. However, if you are dropping/withdrawing due to medical reasons, you may want to review Michelle's Law, which might help you with your decision.

25. How can I find out where my instructor, Dean, advisor, etc. office is located? You can locate various phone numbers and office locations by using the Campus Directory.

26. Where is my class going to meet? Look at your GC Printable Schedule to see your class meeting locations. Be sure to review this right before the semester begins, as room assignments often change. If you don't find your class in the place listed on your schedule, contact the department for that particular course for assistance.

27. How can I change my schedule? Through the first three days of class in the Fall and Spring semesters, continuing students can change their schedule on line. Continuing students can also drop classes on line through the fifth day of classes in the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer terms have shorter add/drop dates. For exact dates, see the academic calendar. After these dates, you will need to use a course change card and obtain instructor signature to add or drop, and department chair signature to add.

28. If you are an incoming freshmen who used POUNCE, you can request a change in your schedule if you are changing your major; have been accepted to the Honors program, a varsity sport, etc.; or are receiving dual credit or AP credit for a particular course. Requests should be made using the POUNCE change form available in the New and Incoming Students section of the PAWS links on your PAWS Student Tab.

29. I got an e-mail that said I hadn't paid, but I'm sure I did (or I know that HOPE will cover it). Do I need to do anything? Yes! You need to login to your PAWS account, click on the Student Account Center link, view your current charges, and pay them before the deadline indicated in your e-mail. If you have questions about your account, you need to contact the Business Office at 478-445-6095. If you have questions about your pending or expected aid, you need to contact Financial Aid at 478-445-5149.

30. How do I change or declare a major? Changes or declarations of majors can be made in the department in which you would like to major in.

31. I am registered for one course and need to drop it, but the Web does not allow me to complete this process. How can I drop my course? You cannot drop the last course you are registered for online. Dropping all of your courses (even if you're only in one course) is considered a withdrawal. Use the online withdrawal form available by going to your PAWS account, selecting Student & Financial Aid link, and then click on the Online Withdrawal Form.

32. I recently moved. How do I update my mailing address? You may update your address by logging in to your PAWS account, select the Main Menu, and click on Personal Information, then Update Addresses and Phones.

33. How do I know if you have received my immunization records or not? You can track your immunization progress by logging into your PAWS account, click on Main Menu, click Student & Financial Aid, and then click on Student Records. Any immunization coded as "established " is required but has not yet been received.

34. What is DegreeWorks? DegreeWorks is a Web-based tool that helps you track your progress towards degree completion. DegreeWorks combines Georgia College's degree requirements and the coursework you have completed into an easy-to-read worksheet. You should check DegreeWorks at least three times a semester: before you meet with your advisor to discuss registration for the upcoming term, after you've registered, and after you’re final grades are recorded. Learn more about DegreeWorks.

35. When is your office open? Our office is open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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