What courses will I be taking during the summer?

  • All students will be enrolled in three courses for a total of seven credit hours.  Two courses count toward the academic core and one is a student success seminar.  Potential CORE courses include GC1Y Critical Thinking, Music & Civilization, Human Geography, Sociological Perspectives, America's Diverse Cultural Heritage, and Fine and Applied Arts in Civilization. The Student Success Seminar is a course that focuses on strategies for academic and life skills to promote success in college. 
  • Students must pass ALL courses with a "C" or better.
  • BSP staff will enroll students in their summer courses based on intended major and AP/Dual Enrollment credit.

How long will I be in class each day?

Classes will be held from approximately 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

When will I be able to meet my roommates and other BSP students?

Roommates will be assigned at the conclusion of interviews and determined by the program director based primarily on academic factors such as major and cohort assignment.  Once assignments are made, you will be able to view your apartment and roommates online.

If I'm in BSP, can I participate in varsity athletics, a sorority, or other campus activities?

Absolutely! While BSP is an intensive summer program, the participation requirements are significantly scaled back during the academic year. Students are encouraged to participate in all the great organizations Georgia College offers. BSP students have been members of nearly every athletic team, participated in Fraternity and Sorority Life and were elected as leaders of numerous student organizations throughout campus.

Can I go home on the weekends during the summer?

Because this is a very intensive program and your fall admission is contingent upon you doing well academically, you will be required to remain on campus, with the exception of the July 4th holiday.
Overnight visitors are not allowed during the summer session and BSP participants are required to stay in their own apartments each night during the week and weekends.

Do we get a Independence Day break?

Yes. Bridge Scholars Program Students will not have class Thursday July 4th through Sunday July 7th. This is the only time that students may leave during the summer session. Students must be back by the start of classes on July 8th.

What do we do when we're not in class?

Your program fee is used for programs such as a teambuilding challenge course, socials, educational programs, prizes, transportation to various events, t-shirts, and so on.  There are also programs offered throughout the academic year that are exclusively for BSP.  Certain extra-curricular events are a mandatory part of the BSP experience.

Is it mandatory to purchase a meal plan?   

Yes. You will need it for lunch breaks between classes on main campus.  We will be holding various programs over mealtimes on main campus throughout the summer.

What is the total program cost for the summer?

The estimated cost for the summer session of the Bridge Scholars Program is outlined below (Financial Aid is available):

  • Tuition: $1,708 (in-state)
  • Student Fees: $1,011
  • Program Fee: $300 (one-time annual fee, non-refundable)
  • Meals: $225 (25-block meal plan)
  • Housing: $853 (4-person apartment)
  • Housing Deposit: $235
    • (due by May 1st, 2018 or a $50 late fee will be applied) 

Total Summer Program Cost: $4,332*
*Please note that these are estimated costs only and subject to change. Final costs are based on state budgets determined by decisions of the Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia.

(We recommend budgeting approximately $250 for textbooks.)

Important Dates for BSP 2018-2019

Orientation Day: June 15th

Move-in: June 15th

Classes: June 17th - July 16th

No Classes: July 4th - July 7th

Classes Resume: July 8th

Finals: July 17th - July 18th

Checkout: July 19th 


To learn more, contact the Bridge Scholars Program at:

Georgia College
Bridge Scholars Program
Campus Box 115
Milledgeville, GA  31061
Phone:  478-445-6293
Email: bridge.scholars@gcsu.edu

Would you like to talk to a current BSP student? We'd be happy to connect you with one, just let us know!