The Georgia College Brand

Georgia College promises to give students the skills to navigate life. Our slogan, “Think Independently. Lead Creatively,” harkens to our liberal arts mission in that we give our students opportunities through integrated learning paired with life-changing, real-world experiences. At Georgia College, our students pursue their passions and explore what it means to be a leader while embracing the local community. Our hope is the personal attention brought by respected professors guides students in becoming versatile, talented professionals. 

Our Story Spotlights

The marketing program receives a ranking as "Top in the Nation" by a prominent survey.
Georgia College's new glass to sand machine helps ensure continued sustainability across campus.
Everything was set for the Creative Writing program to travel to Ireland. Then COVID-19 hit. Undeterred, professors came up with a new alternative to bring Ireland to the students.

Students start nonpartisan political group during contentious election season


Throughout the 2020 ruckus of pandemic and political mayhem, a new student organization was born at Georgia College. It effectively proved that political discourse can be diverse—even polar opposite—and still remain civil and polite.

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Georgia College Political Society

Breaking the glass ceiling—majority of women in GC economics go on to graduate school

For years, women have worked to break the invisible barrier that keeps underrepresented groups from climbing the corporate ladder. But even with that hard work, women remain under the “glass ceiling” and are still unrepresented in certain careers.

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Economics Classroom

Georgia College ranks third in state system for four-year graduation rate

Georgia College is well ahead of the national average for institutions that graduate students in four years. A recent 3 point increase places Georgia College third in the state’s university system, as well—a sign of innovative programming and commitment to student success.

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Graduation Platform Party