The Georgia College Brand

Georgia College promises to give students the skills to navigate life. Our slogan, “Think Independently. Lead Creatively,” harkens to our liberal arts mission in that we give our students opportunities through integrated learning paired with life-changing, real-world experiences. At Georgia College, our students pursue their passions and explore what it means to be a leader while embracing the local community. Our hope is the personal attention brought by respected professors guides students in becoming versatile, talented professionals. 

Our Story Spotlights

Music in the air

Two Georgia College students are taking change to heart, lifting the spirits of elderly residents in Milledgeville one song at a time.

Reed Tanner Jr., Matthew Seymour

Reaching new heights

Georgia College receives national award for focus on undergraduate research.

Student conducts research

Leading the Pack: Georgia College starts nationwide undergraduate journal

Scholars with impressive projects from prominent schools all over the country vied recently for a spot in a new academic journal based on undergraduate research.

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Student Presents Research

Against the odds: Communication major wins national radio news award

When he was little, Jonathan O’Brien wasn’t afraid of a monster under the bed. From early on, he loved watching the nightly news and knew how bad real people and circumstances could be. Now, he wins awards for telling the news.

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Jonathan O'Brien

Intramural Sports rises to challenge during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic brought significant changes to student life dynamics on college campuses around the world.

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Cornhole board