New Transient Students

Congratulations on your Acceptance to Georgia’s Public Liberal Arts University.

Congratulations on your acceptance to Georgia College as a transient student.  We are excited to be your host institution.  Below are a few things that you can start working on until you receive your acceptance package. 

Registering for classes – Transient students are not required to seek academic advisement.  Once you receive your acceptance package reference the “Registration Informational Sheet” to see how to log into your PAWS portal and begin your registration process.  Should you run into any problems with registering for classes please contact the University Registrar Office at 478-445-6286.

University Housing – Transient students wanting to live in University Housing must take at least 6 hours at Georgia College.  Follow the link to submit your application and find out more about housing opportunities.

Verification of Lawful Presence – All students are required to submit documentation verifying that they are lawfully present within the United States.  Follow the link to verify what documents you can submit to the GC Admissions Office to verify your lawful presence.

Financial Aid – Transient students can receive federal aid or other aid for coursework.  Students will need to obtain a Consortium Agreement from their home institution.  HOPE eligible students may receive HOPE if attending an eligible institution.  Follow the link to find out more information about your financial aid options.

GCID – Your GCID is a 9-digit number. This number is used to identify you in every office. Your GCID and email address are located on your acceptance letter.  

Bobcat Card – Every student is required to obtain a Bobcat Card.  You can visit the Bobcat Card office located on the bottom floor of the Maxwell Student Union to get your id made.  You will need your Bobcat Card when visiting different places on campus as it is used to identify you as a GC student.

We hope that you enjoy your time at Georgia College.  If you decided that you want to continue your time at Georgia College, you can contact the Admissions Office at 478-445-2774 for information on how to apply as a transfer student to Georgia College.