Undeclared Students & Changing Majors

All students are assigned advisors who work in the Academic Advising Center. If you have not yet declared a major, your advisor will assist you with selecting courses in the core curriculum, as well as provide opportunities for you to explore different career options, so that you can make the best choices you can about your major and future career direction. You may remain undeclared and keep your original advisor until you complete 30 semester hours of coursework. At that point, you will be required to declare a major and work with an advisor in your new major area until you complete your degree program.

Students should note that while advising can occur at any point during the year, the registration period for classes usually occurs around the midpoint of the semester and lasts for approximately one month. During that time, students can go online and register themselves for classes, but first they must meet with their academic advisor to plan coursework for the upcoming semester. After this meeting, the Advisor Hold will be lifted from the student’s record, allowing him or her to register for classes once the registration period begins.

A final opportunity for schedule adjustment occurs during the first five days of the new term — a period referred to as Add/Drop Week. Schedule adjustments made during this five-day period have no bearing on the number of attempted hours on official transcripts or for the HOPE Scholarship. Should a student elect to drop a course after the five-day period, however, these hours are considered attempted hours and will be counted toward eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship.

Wanting to change your major?

A major may be declared or changed by meeting with the academic advisor for the proposed major.

A second major or minor may be declared by following the same procedure.

Some majors, including those in the College of Education and some in the College of Health Sciences, have additional admissions requirements that must be met before a student will be admitted to the major.