Centralized Advising

The Academic Advising Center is committed to the smooth transition and the academic success of all students at Georgia College.  Students are able to experience centralized advising in Lanier Hall, located in the middle of the academic square. With professional advisors located in one building and representing every major, students can receive guidance in a one-stop setting.  The average student changes majors three or four times before finalizing his/her decision. For this reason, a centralized advising experience enables students to make the most of their time while talking to the appropriate qualified professionals. Our professional advisors also teach or support the “First Year Academic Seminars” which increases the amount of contact between advisor and student.

Registration Periods

Students and advisors should note that while advising can occur at any point during the term, the registration period for classes usually occurs around the mid-point of the semester and lasts for approximately one month. During that time students can go online and register themselves for classes, provided they have met with their academic adviser to plan coursework for the upcoming term and the Advisor Hold has been lifted from their record.

Traditionally, seniors and graduate students have access to the registration system for the first few days of the registration period, then the process opens on a rolling basis during the remainder of the first week for juniors through first-year students.

Final opportunities for schedule adjustment occur during the first five days of the new term in a period referred to as Drop/Add. Schedule adjustments made during this five-day period have no bearing on the number of attempted hours for the HOPE Scholarship, but may have implications on the student's invoice. Should a student elect to drop a course after the five-day period, however, these hours are considered attempted hours and will be counted toward assessment of eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship. Along this same topic, it is important to note that students may only drop a course (outside of the initial five-day Drop/Add period) a total of five (5) times during their academic career at Georgia College.