Alumni Affinity Group

What is an Alumni Affinity Group?

An affinity group offers opportunities for alumni of shared interests and common bonds to connect on meaningful levels beyond the traditional regional structure, whether that connection is based on identity, experiences, or personal interests. The Georgia College Alumni Association fosters opportunities for alumni to connect to the university and each other in ways that address these special interests and common bonds.

How do I start an Alumni Affinity Group?

If you are interested in creating an Alumni Affinity Group, please fill out the #AFFINITY GROUP & ALUMNI CHAPTER REQUEST FORM

Current Affinity Groups:

  • African American Alumni Council
  • Young Alumni Council
  • Nursing Alumni Council
  • Health & Human Performance Alumni Council
  • Communications Alumni Council
  • LGBTQ+ Alumni Council
  • College of Business Alumni Council

If you would like information on how to join an existing alumni affinity group, please email