Policies and Procedures

I. Membership Selection
  1. Selection of new members shall occur at the beginning of Fall Semester.
  2. Each prospective member must submit a complete application.
  3. Membership selections shall be based on leadership, involvement, academic performance, character, poise and personality, among other traits. General membership in other organizations will be left to the discretion of the Ambassador Team. However, over-involvement may be considered during the selection process. The Membership Committee shall review all new member applications and score all applicants. The Leadership Board, advisor, and at least one member of the Membership Committee shall interview the candidates. The Leadership Board and the advisor will make final decisions.
  4. The GC Student Ambassador Team shall not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, nationality, sex, religious and/or political views, handicap, or sexual orientation. 
II. Membership Requirements
  1. A GC Ambassador must be a student in good standing with the University.
    1. All prospective Ambassadors must have at least a 2.75 GPA to be considered as an applicant.
    2. All Ambassadors must maintain a 2.75 institutional average.
    3. If GPA drops below 2.75, the Ambassador will be placed on academic probation and will have one semester to get back to a 2.75. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action being taken by the Leadership Board.
  2. Each Ambassador must sign and abide by a written contract each year.
  3. All Ambassadors are required to attend all monthly meetings.
    1. Prior notice must be given to the Coordinator of Team Standards if unable to attend a meeting.
    2. The Leadership Board reserves the right to review extenuating circumstances and decides if absence is excused.
    3. All Ambassadors are required to review the minutes from the monthly meetings.
  4. Each Ambassador is required to fulfill the minimum point requirement determined by the Leadership Board and advisors at the beginning of the each semester.
  5. Ambassadors are required to sign up for events on the official Ambassador Team communication website. If an Ambassador is unable to attend an event after signing up, they must notify the Coordinator of Team Standards and remove their name from the website no later than twenty-four hours before the event.
  6. Ambassadors are required to attend all mandatory events, and may only be excused after having been granted permission from the Leadership Board.
  7. Any Ambassador not fulfilling the above requirements will be referred to the Leadership Board.
  8. At the beginning of each academic semester, each Ambassador must let the Leadership Board know if he/she will continue to be an active member. Should an Ambassador wish to go Emeritus or Inactive, he/she may do so by submitting a written form of communication of resignation to the Leadership Board.
  9. If an Ambassador has committed to attend an event and does not attend without giving appropriate notice as determined by the Leadership Board, the Ambassador will obtain a strike. If an Ambassador does not attend a mandatory event without receiving an excused absence from the Leadership Board, the Ambassador will receive a strike.
  10. The Leadership Board will determine the starting points at the beginning of the academic year. With the exception of the first meeting of each semester, each Ambassador will receive a personal event attendance sheet. This sheet will include the number of points earned, strikes and percentage of events worked.
  11. The Ambassadors that fall below the acceptable participation level as determined by the Leadership Board will be contacted by the Coordinator of Team Standards and notified of their standing on the team. Ambassadors that receive three strikes within a semester will be dismissed from the team.
  12. Unexcused absences by team members from mandatory events may result in a strike, at the discretion of the Leadership Board.
  13. Membership status will be reviewed by the Leadership Board at the end of each semester. If a member has not received the required number of points, have not done their two Saturday tours, or have received three strikes in the semester disciplinary action will be taken against them at the discretion of the Leadership Board. This disciplinary action can include a warning or probation. If participation has not improved by the end of the next semester at the time of membership reviews, members could potentially be removed from the team on a case-by-case basis.
  14. All members in good standing at the time of their graduation, will receive official Ambassador stoles to wear during their commencement ceremony to represent the commitment and dedication they have given to the team.
III. Inactive Status
  1. Inactive status is available to those who are not able to fulfill membership requirements in a particular semester.
  2. Members in good standing from the previous semester must submit a written request for inactive status no later than one week after the start of the semester to the Leadership Board.
  3. Inactive status will only be given to those who have shown dedicated service and outstanding membership. Strong consideration will be given to members who have coops, internships, or study abroad opportunities.
  4. Inactive status may only be approved for a maximum of two semesters, per Ambassador.
IV. Emeritus (Alumni) Status
  1. Emeritus status may be granted to anyone who has completed at least six semesters as an active Ambassador in good standing or has served as an Ambassador Officer.
  2. Any member wanting this status must make a written request to the Leadership Board.
  3. Any Ambassador Emeritus may volunteer to participate in any Ambassador event.
V. Leadership Board
  1. The Leadership Board consists of the Chairman, Director of Membership, Director of Communication, Coordinator of Team Standards, Coordinator of Tour Guide Relations, and Coordinator of Diversity Initiatives of the organization. They are all voting members.
  2. The Leadership Board will determine the goals and direction of the organization through on-going evaluations.
  3. The term of office shall be one year. Incumbent Leadership Board members must be reappointed to continue their office after their term expires.
VI. Leadership Board Business
  1. A two-thirds of the Leadership Board shall constitute a quorum for business transactions.
  2. Times will be determined by the Chairman.
  3. In the event that a Leadership Board Member is not fulfilling his/her responsibilities, the Chairman and Advisors shall initiate appropriate actions for removal or acquittals.
VII. Membership Committee
  1. The Membership Committee shall be a standing committee responsible for matters relating to new member selection and membership development.
  2. The Director of Membership, who is the Membership Committee Chair, is an appointed position.
  3. The Membership Committee shall:
    1. Review and score all prospective member applications,
    2. Participate in prospective member interviews,
    3. Be responsible for making recommendations for membership to the Leadership Board,
    4. Participate in hearings related to the removal of Officers.
    5. Helps to keep accurate records of events and activities (pictures, summary, scrapbook, etc.);
    6. Assists the Director of Membership with team events and activities.
  4. The Committee will consist of five members appointed by the Chairman, Director of Membership, and advisors. Appointments will be based on scholarship, attendance, and conduct.