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Our education packet offers a variety of learning levels and activities for the K-6 student. The artifact scavenger hunt helps children take more of an active role in the Andalusia House tour by looking for items in each room. The Fill in the Blank requires listening and understanding of the content the docent provides. The coloring page and I-spy encourage artistic tendencies and creativity. The accompanying architectural scavenger encourages children to take a closer look at the home. Download the links below or ask for a copy before the tour in our gift shop.

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Why Should Your Read Flannery O'Connor?

by, Iseult Gillespie, TED-Ed, Published on Jan 29, 2019



The following lesson plans should be used at the educator's professional discretion according to the needs and capabilities of each individual class. These lesson plans are useful before or after a visit and need not be completed in any particular order.

Each lesson has been coordinated with the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) for Social Studies that begin in the 2017-2018 school year. We primarily focused on 5th-8th grades and American Literature since those standards align closest to our house museum. Feel free to adapt lessons to fit your students' needs and grade level as necessary. More lessons will be added as they are created.

Shifting Gender Roles in the 20th Century 

In this lesson, students will explore how the roles of men and women changed as a side effect of the World Wars, predominantly WWII, in the 20th century. Through the presented information and primary source images, students can analyze the complex social changes that arose during this time and continue to affect society today.

Understanding the (Hi)Story

In this lesson, students will analyze how historical context can provide additional meaning to a literary work or historical document. Through the presented information and primary textual examples, students will explore the causes, actions, results and eventual consequences of WWII and the Holocaust and connect these historical happenings with the short story “The Displaced Person,” by Flannery O’Connor.


Chat with a Curator

Take a tour of Andalusia (In-person or virtually) and schedule a discussion with our Curator! This program offers guests the chance to ask questions about Flannery O’Connor and her home, and explore some of her original artifacts. The Curator will personally provide a more in-depth analysis and conversation into the life of this renowned American author here at Andalusia. For students, this is an opportunity to expand their own exploration, practice inquiry, and share their thoughts. 

All Grades and Ages ~ Groups of 30 or Less ~ 2 Hours ~ $3.00/Student, $12.00/Adult

Fables with Flannery 

Follow the footsteps of Flannery O’Connor by creating your own story! This program introduces this iconic southern author in the setting from which quite a few of her stories were influenced by. Combining museum time with an activity, students will take a tour of Andalusia and then have the chance to create their own short story. Through collaboration or on their own, students will have the chance to be creative in a program that discusses setting, character development, and inspiration. 

All Grades ~ Groups of 30 or Less ~ 2 Hours ~ $3.00/Student

Educational Pamphlets

The following educational pamphlets provide additional information on the historic site of Andalusia and the life of Flannery O’Connor. They can be found in physical form on-site at the museum, and are meant to supply additional context to the tour.

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