The Art department at Georgia College & State University prepares students to be art practitioners with skills and values that make them active and responsible global citizens.  We prepare students to engage in questions of self-expression, artisanship, identity, community, values, politics, and meaning.


We balance studio work, history and theory courses, and organize them around a combination of activities. These include: various teaching methods in our courses, visiting artist experiences, exposure to contemporary art through the Galleries on campus, independent learning opportunities, and a senior project.


Our program offers small classes and a low faculty-to-student ratio. Students are encouraged to explore media from the tradition of paints to the precision of pixels.   

Learning Objectives

The Department of Art has four objectives:
Students will learn historical and contemporary analytical skills including the ability to research, define, analyze, and critically formulate positions on contemporary issues in visual and public art from historical, ethical, formal, and sociopolitical perspectives.
Students will learn audience understanding including the ability to define, investigate, and analyze community-audience issues. They have the ability to practice effective problem-solving, communication, and community-sensitive work, the ability to evaluate accountability, and the ability to achieve interdisciplinary collaboration and display community-organizing strategies within an arts project.
Students will learn production skills including the ability to create, understand and manipulate media, and the ability to complete and present artworks or projects. Within the arena of production the student will consider how to present and distribute artwork in multiple formats and contexts.
Students will learn critical and evaluative skills including the ability to assess, critique, and analyze formal properties, audience relevancy, and impact.