Asian Studies Certificate

The Asian Studies Certificate is designed to introduce students to the study of Asian society, experience, and cultures.

Coordinator: Sunita Manian

A certificate in Asian Studies requires 15 semester hours with grades of C or better in courses listed below.  At least 9 semester hours must be at the 3000-4000 level. Other courses, including Special Topics courses and courses taken abroad as approved by the program coordinator may be used to fulfill requirements for these hours. 
Courses that count toward a student's major or other minor requirements can also count toward the Certificate in Asian Studies. 

Degree Requirements: Fifteen hours with grades of C or better distributed as follows:

Take no more than 2 of the following courses. No more than two courses may come from the same prefix.:
GEOG 1102    World Regional Geography
HIST 1131    Intro to World Civilization
RELI 1111     Intro to World Religions
CHIN 2002    Intro to Chinese Language and Culture

At least 3 courses from the following list. No more than two courses may come from the same prefix.:

ENGL 4455    Literature of the Islamic World
GEOG 3525    Geography of the Middle East
GEOG 3540    Geography of Asia
HIST 4950    Women in Chinese History
HIST 4950    Food, History, Culture of East Asia
MSCM 4950    Vietnam War in the Media
PHIL 4420    Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 4610    Confucianism and Daoism
PHIL 4950    Democracy and Identity: East and West
PHIL 4660    Buddhism, Daoism and the Myth of Meditation
RELI 3500    Buddhist Traditions of Asia
RELI 3510    South Asian Buddhism 
RELI 3520    Tibetan Buddhism
RELI 3530    Zen Buddhism
RELI 3600    Hindu Religious Traditions
RELI 3900    Islam and the Modern World
RELI 4200    Mystical, Magical and Ecstatic Religions