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Georgia College offers mail handling services to its resident students, staff members, faculty members, and other members of the campus community. The mail room and student mailboxes are located in the MSU Commons which is on the lower level of the Maxwell Student Union. Mail Services currently handles inbound and outbound mail traffic through the US Postal Service, including packages, though some restrictions may apply to outbound shipments. Inbound package processing for UPS and Fed Ex are also handled by Mail Services. Mail Services does have a supply of stamps and a selection of envelopes for sale as well.

To get a campus mail box, students need to have paid their initial housing deposit or have renewed their housing contract which verifies their status as a Resident. Once the housing deposit is paid, students may come by the Mail Services desk at MSU with their GCID and a picture ID (preferably their Bobcat Card which has both, but a Driver’s License will work as well) and they will be issued a mailbox and key. Students may keep their key and mailbox for as long as they are residents in Central Campus housing and only need to reactivate their box each semester. However, if a student elects to live off campus, or moves to The Village, they must turn in their mailbox key prior to the end of finals for the semester they depart. A $25 lock change fee will be placed on a student’s account as a hold if a student fails to turn in their key within five (5) days of the semester ending.

Students who leave campus may have their mail forwarded to a new address for six months, provided they have turned in their key and accomplish the Forward Mail Request form. Any mail received which does not have a forwarding address will be handled in accordance with US Postal regulations which could include returning to sender or discarding.



Students residing in the halls on Central Campus are provided a Campus Box where letters and packages are delivered. Mail is processed daily, Monday – Friday, except school holidays. Mail typically arrives in the students’ boxes by 10:30 a.m. each day.  Package processing is usually completed by noon, dependent on that day’s volume.

With the volume of student packages that come in daily, it is essential to make sure the complete and correct address is on each package or letter. Student packages and letters are processed by box number and not by name, so be sure to have the correct CAMPUS BOX (CBX) number legibly printed on your mail. The correct mailing address is listed below:

Georgia College
Student Name
CBX (or Campus Box) #_____
Milledgeville, GA 31061

UPS and FedEx CANNOT deliver to student housing units, so all packages must come through Mail Services and must include the street address listed below:

Georgia College            
Student Name
111 N. Clarke Street
CBX (or Campus Box) #_____
Milledgeville, GA 31061

Mail Services does not have access to refrigerated units for perishable items.  Perishables not picked up within seven (7) days are discarded in accordance with US Postal regulations which normally means discarded and not returned to sender.

To ensure timely notifications for all packages, including perishable items, Georgia College Mail Service has introduced EZTrackIt ® which is an email notification system for resident students who have packages waiting for them in the mail room. Now when you get a package you will get an email sent to your university email address the very day it is received telling you that you have a delivery waiting to be picked up.

First-Class Mail receives expeditious handling and transportation. Service objectives for delivery are 1 to 3 days; however, delivery time is not guaranteed.
First-Class Mail is closed against postal inspection. Federal law and USPS regulations restrict both opening and reviewing the contents of First-Class Mail by anyone other than the addressee.
The price of First-Class Mail includes forwarding service to a new address for up to 12 months.
The price of First-Class Mail includes return service if the mail piece is undeliverable.


Arrange for a postal tray to be made available
All pieces must have a valid Georgia College return address
A minimum of 500 pieces is required
If the pieces are not sealed ensure the flaps are extended so the machine can adequately seal the envelopes
Arrange all pieces in ascending Zip Code order
Complete the Mass Mailing Request Form 
Be sure to indicate your department account number

Mass Mailing Form   

If you have questions about Mail Services, please contact Keeno Weaver, mail services manager, or call 478-445-4063.


Monday -  Friday:
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.