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Parking and Transportation Services provides a bus charter service for student organizations and university departments.

Rates and Quotes

Bus charter rates are listed below.  Rates are based on the mileage, duration, and fuel consumption of a trip, and are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure competitive prices are offered to the Georgia College community.  Request a price quote.

Bus Charter Rates

Motor Coach Bus

Shuttle Bus

Non-Local Trips $2.50/mile operations rate $2.30/mile operations rate
  $24.00/hour driver rate $24.00/hour driver rate
  $25.00/day Wi-Fi Fee $25.00/day Wi-Fi Fee
  $20.00/trip restroom pump fee  
Local Trips $77.00/hour operations rate $55.00/hour operations rate
  $24.00/hour driver rate $24.00/hour driver rate
  $20.00/trip restroom pump fee  


Buses ranging from 22-passenger shuttles to 56-passenger motor coaches are available upon request.  Bus capacities and features vary.  Please see the table below to determine which bus meets your needs. 

Shuttle: Capacity Wheelchair Lift Restroom Seatbelts Wi-Fi TV DVD
Turtle Van: 12 pax ADA


No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Turtle Van: 15 pax No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Universal Shuttle Bus: 22 pax Yes No Yes Yes No No

Apollo Shuttle Bus: 33 pax

Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Titan Shuttle Bus: 36 pax Yes No No Yes No No
Titan Shuttle Bus: 40 pax Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Legacy Shuttle Bus: 36 pax Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes

MCI Motor Coach Bus: 45 pax

No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
PMCI Motor Coach Bus: 49 pax No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Caio Motor Coach Bus: 55 pax No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Confirmation and Payment

You will receive a charter confirmation via email upon submission of the request and again when the request has been fulfilled.  You will be invoiced via email upon completion of the trip, and may pay with a department account number through internal transfer or with a card, check, or cash.  No pre-trip deposit is necessary.  Payment in full is requested within thirty days of invoicing.

To check a status of a charter email transportation@gcsu.edu.

Additional Charter Information

  1. Charter operations rates use a $3/gallon baseline fuel rate, but actual rates vary based on real time fuel prices.
  2. A flat driver rate of $24/hour is applied to all charters. The minimum day rate for a driver is $192/day while out of town (8 hours/day).
  3. A flat daily rate of $60/day for motor coaches and $50/day for shuttle buses will be applied to all non-travel days on multi-day charters.
  4. A flat Wi-Fi rate of $25/day will be applied to all non-local charters.
  5. A flat restroom pump fee of $20/trip will be applied to all charters.
  6. Additional miscellaneous expenses (driver hotel and per diem, tolls, parking, etc.) will be included in the final bill.
  7. Local charters are considered to be those whose destinations are within 45 miles of Georgia College.
  8. Local day charter trips are charged a minimum of 3 hours.
  9. Drivers are limited to 10 hours of actual Drive Time and 15 hours total On Duty time per day.
  10. Driver On Duty time begins 1 hour prior to scheduled departure and ends 30 minutes after drop off for pre and post trip work.
  11. Buses are not authorized areas for drivers to accrue Off Duty time.
  12. Drivers who have accrued at least 8 hours of Off Duty Time in a lodging facility may begin another 15 hour shift.
  13. Drivers will contact the individual who requested the charter prior the trip to confirm trip details.
  14. Trip Cancellation: If a trip that requires a shuttle driver is cancelled within a 24 hour window of the departure date/time, Parking & Transportation is authorized and may charge up to 50% of the quoted trip price. Drivers and assets are dedicated to all trips once confirmed and a last minute cancellation requires the driver to change last minute plans and the department to waste assets that could have otherwise been used for other trips.