Parking and Transportation Services provides a vehicle rental service for university employees traveling on university-related business.

Rent a Vehicle/Golf Cart

Rental Requirements

Employees can rent a van, 5-passenger vehicle, or golf cart for university-related business once they pass a Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) and complete the WEX PIN registration process. 

A WEX card (Wright Express fuel card, comparable to your credit/debit card) is located in the glove compartment of each rental vehicle, and an individually assigned WEX PIN (like your credit/debit card PIN) is required to use the card to fuel the vehicle.  Learn more about completing a MVR and registering for a WEX PIN.

Rates and Quotes

Vehicle rates are listed below.  They are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure competitive prices are offered to the Georgia College & State University community.  Request a quote by emailing

Vehicle Rental Rates 
5-passenger vehicle$40 per day + fuel
Full-size pickup truck$70 per day + fuel
Van$115-140 per day + fuel
Golf cart$30 per day

* 5-passenger vehicle and van rentals are charged a daily rate plus any fuel expenses. Mileage is included in the daily rate.
* The State of Georgia travel policy requires a justification statement explaining the need for use of a pickup truck.”


Vehicle capacities and features vary.  Please see the chart below to determine which vehicle meets your needs.  Email if you have questions about any of the vehicles or would like assistance selecting a vehicle for your trip.

Vehicle (# and Color):Capacity and Features Daily Rates
2008 Ford Econoline E-350 Super Duty Van: 85815 passenger$115 + fuel
2012 Ford Econoline E-350 Turtle Top Van: 135115 passenger, Wi-fi, TV, DVD$140 + fuel
2012 Ford Econoline E-350 Turtle Top Van: 135215 passenger, Wi-fi, TV, DVD$140 + fuel
2012 Ford Econoline E-350 Turtle Top Van: 135312 passenger ADA, wheelchair lift, Wi-fi, TV, DVD$140 + fuel
2012 Ford Fusion: 1411 (white)5 passenger$40 + fuel
2012 Ford Fusion: 1413 (silver)5 passenger$40 + fuel
2014 Ford Fusion: 1540 (white)5 passenger$40 + fuel
2014 Ford Fusion: 1588 (grey)5 passenger, Bluetooth$40 + fuel
2014 Ford Fusion: 1591 (black)5 passenger, Bluetooth$40 + fuel
2014 Kia Optima: 1673 (white)5 passenger, hybrid, Bluetooth$40 + fuel
2014 Kia Optima: 1674 (black)5 passenger, hybrid, Bluetooth$40 + fuel
2023 GMC Terrian5 passenger, SUV$40 + fuel
2023 Chevrolet Silverado5 passenger, full-size pickup$70 + fuel
Club Car Golf Cart: G-14 passenger, electric $30 per day
Club Car Golf Cart: G-24 passenger, electric $30 per day

Confirmation, Payment, and Pick Up

You will receive a rental confirmation via email upon submission of the request and again when the request has been fulfilled.  You will be invoiced via email upon completion of the trip, and may pay with a department account number through internal transfer or with a card, check, or cash.  No pre-trip deposit is necessary.  Payment in full is requested within thirty days of invoicing.

You should plan to pick up the vehicle from and return it to the Irwin St. parking lot (lot #28).  You may leave your vehicle in the Irwin St. parking lot while you are on your trip.  You may park in this lot with any valid GCSU parking permit (Employee, Perimeter, Resident, or Commuter).

You may pick up the keys to the rental vehicle at the Parking and Transportation Services office at 330 West Thomas Street during regularly scheduled office hours. Keys to rented vehicles can be picked up at the P&T office after 3 p.m. the day before departure without an additional charge.

Additional Rental Information

In case of an emergency please contact Public Safety at 478-445-4400 or the Parking and Transportation Services office at 478-445-7433. If needed, refer to the directions related to accidents and flat tires in the packet located in the glove box.