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Parking and Transportation Services operates a routine campus shuttle service for university students, employees, and guests.  Shuttles are equipped with wheelchair lifts, bicycle racks, and Wi-Fi.

Shuttle Schedule

The campus shuttle generally runs seven days a week during fall and spring semesters while school is in session and a modified schedule during summer semester.  Shuttles do not run during some holidays, breaks, and intersession periods.  No service and modified service days will be communicated through the Passio GO App.


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Your safety is our primary concern.  Our drivers are fully-trained, licensed, professional bus operators, and they take pride in their ability to safely get you where you are going. You can help by following these safety tips:

  • Stay back from the curb until the bus comes to a complete stop. 
  • Be ready to get on/off the bus when it stops. Drivers will not open the doors once they begin to enter traffic.
  • Be careful when using the steps to get on and off the bus (especially on rainy days), and use the handrails if needed.
  • Cross the street at a nearby crosswalk after getting off the bus. Unlike a school bus there is not a mandatory requirement for vehicles to stop behind the campus shuttles. 
  • Do not walk between two stopped buses.  
  • Do not ask a driver to let you off at locations that are not identified as stops. Drivers will load and unload at bus stops only.
  • Be patient. Buses have a maximum capacity load and drivers may ask riders at a stop to wait for the next bus if they are at their limit.