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Commuter Meal Plans

The Bobcat Card Office administers off campus meal plans only. Students living on campus must contact University Housing to sign up for a meal plan or make meal plan changes. The contact information for University Housing is or 478-445-5160.

Meal Plan Options and Pricing

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Terms and Conditions

Any meal plan purchased for Fall Semester will automatically be renewed and charged to the student’s account for the Spring Semester. Any meal plan purchased for any Summer Session will be active from the beginning of the first summer session until the end of the last summer session. Students who wish to cancel or change their meal plan must do so by completing a meal plan change request through PAWS:

  • The last day to cancel or decrease meal plan for Fall Semester is Residence Hall move-in day.
  • The last day to cancel or decrease meal plan for Spring Semester is the last business day before classes start for Spring Semester.
  • The last day to cancel or decrease meal plan for a Summer Session is the last business day before classes start for the June Term.

The following conditions apply to all meal plans purchased:

  • There are no refunds for missed meals.
  • Meals do not carry forward to the next semester (Exception: 25 Block and 100 Block balances, which carry over from Fall to Spring semester only).
  • A student who withdraws or is required to withdraw from the university during a semester may receive a refund of meal plan fees on a prorated basis, determined by the date the student submits a formal request of withdrawal to the Bobcat Card Office.
  • No refunds will be made after the 60% refund period; or if the student leaves the university for disciplinary reasons.
  • The meal charges at the prescribed rate per academic semester are payable in full at the time of payment of tuition and fees for each semester, or within three business days of signing this contract, whichever is later.
    • If payment is not made by the deadline, the meal plan will be canceled (if no meals have been used) or suspended (if meals have been used or for residential freshmen). In addition, failure to pay all outstanding charges will prohibit further access to dining facilities, registration, issuance of transcripts and other records.
    • If charges are not paid, the university will request assistance from a collection agency. The student is responsible for any additional collection fees.