The Georgia College Brand

Georgia College promises to give students the skills to navigate life. Our slogan, “Think Independently. Lead Creatively,” harkens to our liberal arts mission in that we give our students opportunities through integrated learning paired with life-changing, real-world experiences. At Georgia College, our students pursue their passions and explore what it means to be a leader while embracing the local community. Our hope is the personal attention brought by respected professors guides students in becoming versatile, talented professionals. 


Our Story Spotlights

Former CEO of GEICO Tony Nicely shares how Georgia College prepared him to navigate challenges


Alumnus Jeremy Colwell works on the set of major productions

Lauren Hovey wants to plans to use psychology skills to help the greater good


Changes in algae populations point to troubled waters

Two research studies at Georgia College highlight the importance of algae—a beautiful but virtually unknown organism vital for life on Earth and critical in evaluating the health of water systems.

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History professors and students build new BBQ website

Take all the knowledge—gathered by a lifetime of barbecue obsession—and season it with ingenuity, storytelling, great photos and maps. Let the idea simmer to perfection a few years. Then add two history professors and a couple of communication students. What do you get? The state’s first and only barbecue website: “Georgia BBQ Trails.”

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A race against the clock: Working to close the statewide nursing shortage

An aging, baby boomer workforce, longer life expectancy and a growing rate of chronic health conditions—it is the perfect storm to create a national nursing shortage throughout the U.S.

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