Bridge Scholars Program

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A Unique First-Year Experience

The Bridge Scholars Program is for first-year applicants who demonstrate potential for success in college, but who we feel would benefit from a transitional support program in order to maximize their achievements at Georgia College. Bridge candidates are nominated for the program by the Admissions Office following a review of the application materials and then must interview for a competitive spot in the program.

Admission decisions are made on a rolling basis following each interview date until the program is full. Enrollment is limited to approximately 125 students.  Students are notified of their admission status within one to two weeks of the interview. Decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

Once admitted, students begin their first year with an intensive five-week summer program that is designed to assist them in transitioning from high school to college and help them to build a strong academic foundation. Students who pass the summer semester with a grade of C or better in all classes, complete BSP summer participation requirements, and maintain a clear judicial record are invited to return to Georgia College in the fall.

BSP is a Residential Learning Community at Georgia College focusing on freshman success. Students in the BSP commit to spending their first year living and learning together as a group. Peer mentoring, tutoring, and special programs such as speakers, workshops, community service projects and socials are offered exclusively to the BSP community.

Click on the link to the BSP Brochure below for additional information on the Bridge Scholars Program.

BSP Brochure 2021-2022:


Important Information

Summer 2021 Program Dates

BSP Orientation & Move-In
June 12th & 13th

June 14th - July 13th

Holiday Break (no classes)
July 5th

Final Exams
July 14th & 15th

Closing Programs
July 16th

Apartment Checkout*
July 16th & 17th

*Please note that students will be allowed to leave belongings in their apartments until they return for the fall semester in August.

Cost of the Program

Please note that these are estimated costs only and subject to change. Final costs are based on state budgets determined by decisions of the Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia. 

Program Fee (one-time annual fee)

Tuition (in-state)

Student Fees

Housing Deposit*

Housing (4-person apartment)

Meals (25 Block Meal Plan)

Total Cost

*Housing deposit is due by May 1, 2021 or a late fee of $50 will be applied

Financial Aid

Students must complete the 2020-2021 FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application in order to apply for federal and state aid programs for Summer semester 2021. Eligibility for federal financial aid programs will be determined based on this FAFSA, which includes grants and student loans as well as Georgia's HOPE Scholarship program. Students should also complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA in order to apply for financial aid for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. If the student is only interested in receiving the HOPE Scholarship, an alternative application (GSFAPPS) may be completed at For more information, visit or contact the GC Office of Financial Aid at 478-445-5149 or

Program Fee

Admitted students must be one of the first 125 students to submit their $300 BSP fee in order to secure placement within the program. More students will be offered placement in BSP than spaces are available, so it is important that payment is made as quickly as possible.  Because space is very limited, we cannot guarantee you a space in the program until this fee has been paid.  Please contact Dr. Hali Sofala-Jones at (478) 445-6293 if you would like information about a needs-based deferral of your $300 fee.

Once you a student has been offered a spot in the Bridge Scholars Program, they may pay their program fee here. Please note that you must contact Dr. Sofala-Jones, Program Coordinator, prior to paying your fee to obtain the store passcode. She can be reached at (478) 445-6293.