Foundation Courses

Students admitted to a graduate program in the College of Business must satisfy the required foundation courses. Foundation courses may be waived if the student completed an undergraduate equivalent with a grade of at least a "C." If foundation courses are needed, the student has the option of enrolling in an equivalent course and earning a grade of at least a "C" or by demonstrating competency through an approved foundation module.

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Required Foundation Courses for the MBA Program:

  • Principles of Accounting I
  • College-level Statistics
  • College-level Economics
  • Business Finance

Required Foundation Courses for the MMIS Program:

  • Principles of Accounting I
  • College-level Statistics
  • College-level Economics or Business Finance

Required Foundation Course for the MLSCM Program:

  • College-level Statistics

Required Foundation Courses for the MAcc Program:

  • Principles of Accounting I and II *
  • College-level Statistics
  • College-level Economics
  • Business Finance
  • Intermediate Accounting I *
  • Intermediate Accounting II *
  • Cost Accounting *
  • Accounting Information Systems *
  • Principles of Taxation I *
  • Principles of Taxation II *
  • Auditing *

* The College of Business does not offer foundation modules for these courses. Students may take an approved course at Georgia College or another accredited school to fulfill these requirements.

Foundation Module Information:

The College of Business has approved the use of self-paced, competency-based foundation modules for use in satisfying four of the required foundation courses. The purpose of these modules is to introduce students to the language, principles, and processes of accounting, economics, finance, and statistics so they will be prepared to succeed in the MBA program at GC. Students may work at their own pace and complete the module as quickly as they choose. After mastering the material, students are required to pass an exam on the module content. Students must earn an 80% or higher on each module exam in order to satisfy the foundation requirement. Students may only take an exam three times. If the student does not score an 80% or higher on one of the two attempts, the student will be required to complete an equivalent undergraduate course to fulfill this foundation requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do I know which modules I need?
Students should have their transcript(s) evaluated by the College of Business Graduate Admissions Recruiter in Business to determine which foundation modules they need.

2. How do I purchase a foundation module?
Once any needed modules are identified, the College of Business Graduate Admissions Recruiter will send you an email with detailed purchase information and a payment link.

3. How much do the modules cost?
The cost of each module is $200. All materials are included in the module purchase price and will be accessed online. Please note that all module purchases are non-refundable.

4. What if I don't score 80% on the exam?
If you don't score at least 80% on the first exam, you are allowed to take the exam two more times at no charge. If you do not score at least 80% after the third attempt, you will be required to purchase the module again or complete an equivalent course to satisfy the foundation course.

5. When will I find out if I passed the exam?
You will be notified by email as soon as the faculty supervisor has graded your exam. If you successfully pass the exam, a certificate of completion will be mailed to you. A copy of this certificate will be placed in your student file.

6. If I need more than one module, should I complete them in a certain order?
It is important to make sure you complete courses that are pre-requisites first. For example, if you need both Accounting and Finance, you should complete Accounting first since it is a pre-requisite for Finance. If you need Economics and Finance, you should complete Economics first. Please contact the College of Business Graduate Admissions Recruiter if you have questions about the order in which you should complete the modules.

7. Will I receive course credit for the module?
No course credit will be awarded for the modules since they are not actual courses. The modules are designed to provide students with the foundation knowledge that is needed prior to beginning the 6000-level required MBA courses.

8. Are the modules transferable to other colleges?
Because the modules are not actual college courses, it is not likely that you will be able to transfer them to other colleges for foundation credit.  The final answer on this would have to come from the actual university you decide to attend.

9. Do I have to complete the required modules before enrolling in graduate courses?
All required foundation courses or modules must be completed before you enroll in 6000-level graduate courses.

10. How do I order the required materials and/or textbooks for the modules?
The module is all-inclusive; therefore, there are no additional materials or textbooks to purchase.

11. Do I have to be admitted to the program before beginning the foundation modules?
You do not have to be admitted to the graduate program prior to beginning the modules. You may begin the modules before applying to graduate school if you wish. Please keep in mind that these modules are exclusive to Georgia College; therefore, if you decide not to apply to a graduate business program at Georgia College, you may not be able to use these modules for credit elsewhere.