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The online Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree at Georgia College & State university positions graduates for career advancement and leadership opportunities within the logistics and supply chain industry. Whether you want to move up in your existing company, obtain a position in a new company, become a better manager, or attain executive leadership, pursuing a master’s degree in logistics and supply chain management can help you accomplish your goals.

Degree Requirements

Why choose a master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Georgia College?

  • Georgia College is home to the State of Georgia’s oldest and most affordable logistics program (40+ years).
    • 100% online
    • Affordable
    • AACSB Accredited
    • Consistent class structure
    • Strong connection with faculty

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Logistics and Supply Chain Management by the Numbers

  • A 2021 report by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce detailed the statewide economic impact of the logistics industry in Georgia was more than $60 billion, noting the benefits of working in the logistics industry including high-demand occupations, job security, and upward mobility.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shows a healthy growth rate in logistician jobs over the past decade, with 188,200 positions filled in 2019. A 4% increase is projected between 2019 and 2029.
  • In the Logistics Management Annual Salary Survey for 2020, 45% of respondents indicated that continuing their education, either through training classes or completing a degree program, “have been the most important steps in advancing [their] career.”
  • In addition, a master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management can mean a 28.6% increase in salary over a bachelor’s degree (2022 Association for Supply Chain Management Salary Survey). 

The Qualification You Need to Stand Out

Georgia College & State University is committed to preparing MLSCM graduates for real-world success. Equipped with a Master’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, you can significantly increase your salary earnings as compared to professionals with a bachelor’s degree alone. For those interested in advancing a long-term career in this rapidly growing industry, the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management degree at Georgia College will provide the tools for individuals to be competitive in this high-growth job market.



Program Length

30 Credit Hours

Our MLSCM consists of Five Semesters.  Within each of the five terms, MLSCM participants are required to take Two Courses, each being worth 3 credits, for a total of 6 credits per term and a cumulative total of 30 credit hours for the entire program. The program consists of 10 courses which are each worth 3 credits.  Of the 10 courses, 7 are prescribed requirements and 3 are electives from available LOGS and MMIS courses. 

Start date

Our traditional MLSCM begins each Fall according to our Academic Calendar.  While the fall program coursework is 100% asynchronously online, we do require teams to attend a mandatory in-person orientation on our campus in Milledgeville, GA.  New for 2024, we are starting a Spring program with alternative admissions requirements and without the in-person orientation.  Again, in Spring we will begin according to our Academic Calendar.

Admission Requirements

Do I qualify to enroll? 
Complete your undergraduate degree and meet additional requirements. View Admission Requirements

Application Deadline

Strict cut-offs and hard deadlines fluctuate based on our Academic Calendar while the priority deadlines for our MLSCM are July 1 for our Fall program and December 1 for our Spring program.  

Program cost


Under $15,000, our program offers a great degree for half the price than most other MBA programs. For 6 credit hours, we charge $2850.75.