Information for Faculty

Annual Reports

Annual Report, Calendar Year 2019 (pdf)
Annual Report, Calendar Year 2018 (pdf)
Annual Report, Calendar Year 2017 (pdf)
Annual Report 2015 (pdf)
Annual Report 2014 (pdf)
Annual Report 2012 - 2013 (pdf)
Annual Report 2011 - 2012 (pdf)
Annual Report 2010 - 2011 (pdf)
Annual Report 2009-2010:  (Flipping Book Not Available)
Annual Report 2008-2009: (pdf)
Annual Report 2007-2008: (pdf)

Annual Assessment Reports

Assessment Report 2019-2020 (pdf)
Assessment Report 2018-2019 (pdf)
Assessment Report 2017-2018 (pdf)
Assessment Report 2016-2017 (pdf)
Assessment Report 2015-2016 (pdf)
Assessment Report 2014-2015 (pdf)
Assessment Report 2013-2014 (pdf)
Assessment Report 2012-2013 (pdf)

Policies and Procedures

Faculty Qualifications Document effective August 2017: (pdf)
Faculty Qualifications Document [old]:  (pdf)

College of Business Journal Procedure Document and Form Approved March 2018: (pdf)

Pre-tenure Review Form

  • Previous Versions of the Promotion and Tenure Document:
    • Promotion and Tenure Document: (doc / pdf)
    • Promotion and Tenure Document (Effective 2018): (pdf)
    • Promotion and Tenure Document (Effective March 2019): (pdf)
    • Promotion and Tenure Document (Effective August 2019): (pdf)
  • Current Version of the Promotion and Tenure Document:
    • Promotion and Tenure Document (Effective October 2020): (pdf)

Workload Policy effective August 2017: (pdf)
Workload Policy [old]: (doc / pdf)      

By-Laws: (pdf

Master Review and Evaluation Calendar: (pdf)

Assurance of Learning Rubrics

Communication Skills - Written Reports: (pdf)
Communication Skills - Oral Reports: (pdf)
Analytical Skills: (pdf)
Ethical Awareness & Corporate Responsibility: (pdf)
External Projects: (pdf)

College of Business Journal List

The J. Whitney Bunting College of Business (CoB) Journal List consists of the Australian Business Deans Council  (ABDC) Journal Quality List and the CoB Journal Inclusion List. The CoB Journal Inclusion List contains journals that have been approved for inclusion through the journal inclusion procedure of the CoB.

CoB Journal Inclusion List: (pdf
ABDC Journal List - Since 2019: (xlsx)
ABDC Journal List - Before 2019: (xlsx)
Request for Inclusion or Re-Rating of a Journal: (doc / pdf)

Additional Resources:

2021-2022 Committees & Services Commitments (pdf)
Department Chair's Annual Evaluation of Faculty Performance: (doc / pdf)
Annual Review of Untenured Faculty: (pdf)
Nomination to Membership in the Graduate Faculty:  (doc / pdf)
GC Required Syllabus Statements: (doc)
COVID-19 Syllabus Statement-Fall 2020 (doc)
Digital Measures: (pdf)

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