Career Planning Milestones

Career Center - Milestone Celebration

At Georgia College, all undergraduate students are expected to complete a set of career planning benchmarks that follow a four-year career planning model.  Known as the GC Career Planning Milestones, these benchmarks give students the opportunity to begin planning and preparing for their careers from their day at GC. Students can use the GC Career Planning Milestones Guide to keep up with career planning activities that will take you from first-year to graduation.  We also have Career Planning Milestones Guides for Faculty that discusses how to integrate this high-impact, transformational experience into their courses.  The Career Planning Milestones is one of the key experiences that makes up the GC Journeys Program.

The Career Center provides students with a variety of ways to complete the Career Planning Milestones.  The Career Center tracks all career activities completed through our programs and services.  View the steps below to begin getting ready for the next step on your path to success.  

How to Complete the Career Planning Milestones

Step 1. Career Exploration


    Take this career assessment in your first semester at GC.  Use the access code "Thunder" to create an account.  All first-year students have the opportunity to review their Focus 2 results through a group session in their First Year Academic Seminar.  Transfer students and others seeking individual advising should also schedule an individual appointment with a career advisor in the Career Center.
  • Join Handshake Through Handshake, students and alumni have access to over 50,000 employers and hundreds of new jobs and internships each day! Handshake also connects you to all Career Center events and career fairs.  Students can also upload their resume to Handshake, and as part of our Milestone initiative, our Career Center staff reviews resumes and sends feedback to students before we approve them for employer access.  Getting started is simple: login to Handshake using your Unify credentials.
Step 2. Career Preparation
  • Once you have a better idea of what you want to do with your major, it's time to work on your resume and set-up a LinkedIn account.  We offer several ways to complete this milestone.
  • Resume Writing Workshops:  If you are new to resume writing, or if you want to make some changes and are not sure how, attend our Resume Writing Workshop that is a part of our "Workshop Wednesdays".  Workshops start every Wednesday evening at 5:00 PM.
  • Appointment with a Career Advisor:  You can schedule an appointment online through Handshake with an advisor from our office.  
  • Resume Review Days:  We offer several drop-in days each semester, including our annual Resume Con event.  Check the events calendar on Handshake for scheduled dates.
  • Class Assignments:  Many faculty members require students to complete a resume review as a class assignment.  To complete, students should schedule an appointment or attend a resume review day.
  • Virtual Review:  When you upload your resume to Handshake, we will send you some basic pointers and ask you to update your resume before we approve it for employers.  
  • LinkedIn Workshops:  Check Handshake for a schedule of our  LinkedIn Meet-ups and .
  • Class Presentations:  Faculty can schedule Career Center staff to present on resume writing and LinkedIn. If you're interested in scheduling a class presentation, contact us.
  • By the end of a student's second year, we recommend that they use their resume to begin developing their LinkedIn profile in order to begin networking with alumni and employers for internships.
Step 3. Career Planning
  • This milestone involves using the Career Center to develop a Strategic Career Plan and complete a mock interview.  
  • Mock Interviews with a Career Advisor:  Students can complete this activity throughout the year.  Go to Handshake to schedule an appointment online and select the type of mock interview:  Class, Job, Graduate School, or Internship.  Mock interviews with career advisors include the strategic career planning component.
  • Employer Mock Interviews: We offer several opportunities each semester for students to get interview advice from employer volunteers.  To sign-up, login to Handshake to upload a resume and access the interview schedule.  These mock interviews do not include strategic career planning.
  • Virtual Mock Interview: Use InterviewStream to continue practicing your interviewing skills from your computer or laptop.
  • Class Assignments:  Faculty members are encouraged to include a mock interview as a class assignment.  If faculty members are interested in adding this to your curriculum, they are encouraged to contact us as they prepare their syllabi.
  • Career Planning Workshops:  Attend one of our Internship Search Workshops on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. in Lanier 140 so that you can gain experience before you start your job or graduate school search.  We also offer job search and graduate school search workshops at different times during the semester. Check Handshake for dates and times.
  • Career Fairs:  Attend one of our many career fairs to locate an internship, prepare for graduate school, or research job opportunities.
  • Graduate & Professional School Planning:  Early in your junior year is the time to finalize the type of graduate or professional school opportunity you want to pursue.  Talking with a career advisor now rather than later can help you solidify your goals and work toward being ready to apply in late summer/fall of senior year.
Step 4. Career Implementation
  • Senior Check-In: During your final year of college, complete a 15-minute Senior Check-In appointment.  Completing this appointment early in your senior year will give you a head start on reaching your goals. This activity helps you determine what you need to do to reach your job or graduate school goals during your senior year.  You'll walk away with next steps for making your dreams become a reality. The Senior Check-In is similar to the Strategic Career Plan and may be completed during a mock interview with a career advisor as well.
  • Upload Resume to Handshake:  Be sure to update your resume and upload a new version to Handshake.  Employers use Handshake to find candidates for their openings, so it's to your advantage to join this database.
  • Use LinkedIn to Your Advantage:  If you created a LinkedIn account as part of your second milestone, make sure you are updating it and connecting with more individuals in your field.  Attend a LinkedIn Meet-up to find out how to connect with alumni who are in your field and how to create your profile so that employers can find you.  LinkedIn is beneficial for all professions and can be helpful for identifying potential graduate schools as well.
  • Graduate/Professional School, Job, and Internship Search and Application Assistance:  No matter what your plans are for after graduation, the Career Center can help.  We can review personal statements, resumes, curriculum vitae, cover letters, prospecting emails to potential internship sites, philosophy statements, portfolios, LinkedIn profiles, and other documents that would accompany a graduate/professional school, job, or internship application.
  • Review the Milestone Steps:  Seniors are encouraged to complete additional resume reviews, mock interviews, and career planning activities as needed in order to fully implement their plan. You need a targeted resume and cover letter for each job you apply for, so make sure you are getting advice on how to tailor your documents.  
  • Career Fairs:  Attend a career fair and a job search, graduate school search, or LinkedIn Meet-up to enhance your job and graduate school search strategies.
Contacting the Career Center

You have four different options for contacting us to make an appointment.  If you are making an appointment for a specific class assignment, please have your syllabus handy so that we can help you determine the right appointment for your particular needs.

Signing Up for a Mock Interview

The Career Center hosts several Mock Interview Days which are listed in our calendar each fall and spring semester.

Signing up for Mock Interviews with a Career Advisor.  We offer several specific Mock Interview Days listed on our calendar.  To participate, go to Handshake and schedule an appointment online  from one of the Mock Interview options.  For class assignments, you can select "Mock Interview - Class" to access our specific dates.  This specific option works well for those who need to complete a mock interview for class.  If one of those dates does not work for you, you can also choose "Mock Interview" for either job, internships, or graduate school.  These options work well for those who have a real interview to practice for and have a tight deadline.  If you are preparing for a specific opportunity, please make sure you include that information in the notes section of the appointment so that the advisor can prepare ahead of time.  If you have issues getting the date you want in Handshake, please contact us.

Signing up for a Mock Interview with an Employer or Alumni Volunteer.  The Career Center also schedules a few days each semester where employer or alumni volunteers take time away from their busy schedules to help students improve their interview skills.  These interviews are scheduled through the Campus Interview schedule in Handshake.  To get started, follow the instructions below:

  • Make sure you have activated your Handshake account with your Unify credentials. 
  • Once you have an account, you can access the Interview schedule on Handshake.  Click on the Mock Interview Date that corresponds with your needs.  When you choose "apply," it will ask you to upload a resume if you have not already uploaded one.
  • The Career Center staff reviews student resumes as they are uploaded.  If you get an email from us with some feedback, make some changes and upload your new resume.
  • We'll contact you a few days before the interview so you know which employer or alumni volunteers you are meeting with if it was not clear when you selected your time.
  • Having issues?  We can also sign up for you on Handshake.  Just drop by, call, or send us an email so we can help you.

Preparing for Your Mock Interview.  While we want you to take the experience seriously, we also want you to know that no one expects you to be perfect.  To get the most out of the experience and to ease your nerves, you may want to prepare in the following ways.  

  • Iron your dress shirt or blouse and dig out your nice black, blue, gray, or other neutral-colored pants or skirt.  A blazer, tie, and nice dress shoes add that extra professionalism you'll need in the real thing.  If you don't have your entire professional wardrobe, that's okay.  During your mock interview, we are glad to answer any questions you have about professional attire and provide advice on the best places to shop on a budget. 
  • Take some time to think about your most immediate career goal (internship, full-time job, graduate school, graduate assistantship, summer job, part-time job, scholarship, etc.).  In an interview, you want to be able to clearly articulate why you have chosen that particular goal and the strengths and experiences you have that will make you successful.  We recommend thinking about past successes and failures you can use for a variety of examples.  
  • Practice your answer to the popular "Tell me about yourself" question.  What makes you interested in your particular goal?  What skills and experiences do you bring to the table?  What could you say that would set the tone of the interview in a positive way?
  • Plan to arrive about 10 minutes early. 
  • Take a deep breath and relax.  It's just practice, and there are no right or wrong answers.  We look forward to seeing you!
Calling Us to Schedule a Mock Interview

Imagine you just got a call for a job, internship, or graduate school interview.  You want to practice with a mock interview, and we have you covered.  

  • To meet with a career advisor, go to Handshake and schedule an appointment online
  • To participate in one of our Employer or Alumni Mock Interview Days, use Handshake.  We can also help you schedule a time over the phone, via email, or in person. 
  • You can also call, visit, or email us to let us know what you are interviewing for along with your preferred dates and times.  We will do our best to accommodate you.
  • If we're completely booked, you can still use InterviewStream online to practice over 1,000 interview questions.
Faculty Resources for the Career Planning Milestones

Many faculty members partner with the Career Center to ensure that students are integrating career planning with their academics.   Career Center staff are available to present to classes on specific career topics such as resume writing, LinkedIn, and career searches for internships, jobs, and graduate school.  Faculty can also make out-of-class career assignments such as resume reviews or mock interviews.  To set that activity up, please contact us as you are preparing your syllabi.  The following resources can help faculty who are considering adding the Milestones to their courses.