GC Journeys

What is a liberal arts education?

GC Journeys Handbook

A simplistic explanation is – a liberal arts education is a “general, overall education.” But it’s much broader and deeper than that. Far beyond simply memorizing facts and philosophies, a liberal arts curriculum teaches you how to critically assess the world around you. There is no more valuable skill than to be able to gather facts and opinions, process them, and make your own educated decisions. It’s a skill that gives you an advantage at any job, enhances your relationships, and leaves you personally fulfilled throughout your lifetime.

GC Journeys

The GC Journeys Program will transform your way of thinking and experiencing college. By participating in five inside and outside the classroom transformative experiences during your time at Georgia College, you will step outside of your usual surroundings, gain authentic experiences, solve problems, become a leader, participate in real-world settings and put ideas into action.

Georgia College graduates are

  • Critical and creative problem solvers
  • Ethical, reflective and engaged citizens
  • Skilled communicators
  • Service-oriented leaders and professionals who are dedicated to excellence

Additionally, through a skills-infused curriculum and co-curriculum, you will gain the skills that employers seek in new college graduates:

  • Teamwork/networking
  • Analytical reasoning
  • Written and oral communication
  • Knowledge of global issues
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Information literacy

First-Year Experience

  • Seminar-style courses
  • A focus on the concept of liberal arts
  • Social development and transition to college
  • Practical competencies
  • Foundation for lifelong learning

Pick Two Transformative Experiences

  • Study Abroad
  • Community-based Engaged Learning
  • Intensive Leadership Programs
  • Mentored Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors
  • Internships

Career Planning

  • Career Exploration, Preparation, Planning and Implementations
  • Program spans the full undergraduate experience

Senior Capstone

  • Culminating experience that integrates and applies learning
  • Demonstrates preparedness for workforce or graduate school
  • Designed with your discipline in mind
  • Faculty-mentored
  • Intersects gained knowledge, skills and interests