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IMPORTANT: In order to receive credit for studies abroad, Georgia College & State University students are required to follow and complete the GCSU Study Abroad application process - and be approved by Georgia College - before applying to external (non-GCSU) programs and studying abroad. See "Getting Started" below for more information and to begin the process.  It's easy!

Ukraine: Georgia College & State University continues to monitor the situation in Ukraine very closely and reviews guidance from the the U.S. State Department and other sources, including the University System of Georgia (USG) regarding any potential impact to study abroad programs.

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You can... 

  • Study almost anywhere in the world for academic credit
  • Earn academic credit in core or major courses 
  • Use financial aid and scholarships to assist with the cost 
  • Study abroad in English, use a language you are currently studying - or learn an entirely new language 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of international political, economic and cultural issues 
  • Gain important "soft" skills such as cross-cultural competence and intercultural communication, plus the flexibility and adaptability that employers value
  • Definitely have the greatest adventure of your life!

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Georgia College Safety Statement for Education Abroad

Safety considerations are a key component of each education abroad program.  Georgia College adheres to the professional standards of safety and risk management in education abroad.  Georgia College is a member of the Forum for Education Abroad, which sets the national standard of good practices. The International Education Center implements the Forum’s Standard 8 on safety abroad and risk assessment.  In addition, the International Education Center monitors world events through a variety of government-based resources, including the Overseas Security and Advisory Council (OSAC), the U.S. Department of State, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and other foreign-based resources, including but not limited to: the British Foreign Service and Commonwealth Office and the Canadian Foreign Travel Advice websites.

The International Education Center is vigilant in its pursuit of safety and security as our students travel abroad.  We monitor and distribute information and advice from the US State Department, the Center for Disease Control, the University System of Georgia, and our in-country partners.
For more safety, health, and security information on your study abroad destination and the coronavirus, we encourage you to regularly visit the US State Department’s travel advice and the website of the CDC.

For full details on Georgia College's safety abroad information, please see our Health & Safety page.