The Clery Act

View 2023 Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

The Annual Security Report contains policy statements about GCSU safety and security related polices and Clery crime statistics for the last three calendar years, contains information regarding fire safety systems for on-campus student housing facilities, fire statistics for on-campus student housing facilities, fire statistics for on-campus student housing facilities, and fire safety police information.    

Report a Clery Crime

This form should be completed by Campus Security Authorities who need to report Clery Crime Information.  The information requested in this form is necessary to compile campus crime statistics in accordance with federal law. Please provide all information that was disclosed or known by you regarding the incident. Please note that in submitting this form you are not filing a report with law enforcement.  Please report all crimes to GCSU Public Safety and Campus Police. 

Clery Crime Definitions

Daily Crime & Fire Log

Georgia College & State University Public Safety in accordance with federal law provides daily logs summarizing our daily police reports.

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Case Log Final Dispositions

  1. Closed By Arrest:  The subject(s) has been arrested by GCPD.
  2. Closed By Citation: The subject(s) has been issued a citation by GCPD.
  3. Exceptionally Closed: No further action taken by GCPD. Case has either been resolved between parties involved, deemed non-prosecutable due to uncooperative victim or deceased offender, warrant(s) issued on subject not in custody, juvenile offender(s) turned over to guardian, or otherwise administratively closed.
  4. Active- Under Investigation: The case is currently being investigated by GCPD.
  5. Closed- No Suspects or Witnesses: Case has no solvability.
  6. Closed- All Leads Exhausted: One or more suspects or witnesses have been identified but the case lacks probable cause for arrest.
  7. Closed- Student Affairs Referral: The case has been forwarded to the Dean of Student Affairs. That office is responsible for reviewing the case and for determining whether or not the student(s) involved will be charged with a violation(s) of the Student Honor Code or Code of Conduct.
  8. Closed- Housing Judicial Referral: The case is being handled by University Housing who initiates disciplinary action which may result in student conduct sanctions.
  9. Turned Over to Another Department: The case is being handled or investigated by either the Milledgeville Police Department, Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, another law enforcement agency, or turned over to another campus department.
  10. Closed- Unfounded:  The case is determined through investigation to be false or baseless.  No offense occurred nor was attempted.