SGA Officers

Incident Report

A report for general student misbehavior, accidents, or injuries

This form is used to report any violations of the Student Honor Code Rules, Residence Life Rules, or Student Group Rules found within The Bobcat Code.  It is also used to report accidents or injuries to students.  If you are unsure of the correct form for reporting an incident, use this form.

Student of Concern

A report for when a student is demonstrating a concerning behavior

This form is used to express concern about a student that has experienced a significant negative life event (e.g., death of an immediate family member, life-threatening injury) or is expressing or demonstrating a concerning behavior (e.g., disoriented, depressed, suicidal).

Sexual Misconduct / Interpersonal Violence

A report for sexual misconduct or interpersonal violence

This form is used to report incidents of sexual misconduct (e.g., assault, harassment, stalking) or interpersonal violence (e.g., domestic violence, dating violence, bullying).

Academic Honor Code Violation

A report for academic dishonesty or classroom disruption

This form is used to report any violations of the Academic Honor Code Rules found within The Bobcat Code.

Student Complaint Forms

File complaints with specific departments

This link will take you to the University's complaint site, which will allow you to file complaints with specific departments or file a general complaint.