Graduation Assistance for Individuals with Disabilities

Anyone requiring handicap assistance may park in the designated parking area in front of the Centennial Center. Families may also drop off guests with disabilities at the front entrance of the Centennial Center. Georgia College will also provide assistance with golf carts and ADA accessible shuttles from each of the parking lots.

Access to the Centennial Center
The ramp accessible entrance is located on the right side of the front entrance.

Handicapped Seating
Once inside the building there will be three rows of handicapped seating available on both sides of the seating area. Family members may sit near one another, but we ask that designated handicapped seats remain reserved for other individuals with disabilities. There are twelve wheelchair accessible spaces along the top row of seating. Wheelchair accessible spaces are very limited. Please plan to arrive when the doors open if you have a family member who needs a wheelchair accessible/disability seating space.

Georgia College will have one or two wheelchairs available for an emergency or to help individuals get into the building. Wheelchairs will not be available to any one person for the duration of the event.

Sign Language
A sign language interpreter will be available and signing from the left side of the stage; reserved seating for individuals who use an interpreter will be available directly in front of this area.

Student Disability Resource Center
If you or your guests require special assistance or use a sign language interpreter, please notify the Student Disability Resource Center at 478-445-5931 or by e-mail at