Early College FAQs

How will the Early College students get to the GC campus?

Early College students from Baldwin County take their regular buses to Oak Hill; shuttles then take them to GC.  Students from Putnam County will first go to Putnam Middle School; then they are bused to GC.

Where will the Early College students eat?

Baldwin County students will eat breakfast at Oak Hill before being shuttled to Georgia College.  Putnam County students will eat at Putnam County Middle School before going to GC.  Lunches will be delivered to GC for Early College students.

Will my student be able to play sports? 

Yes, if the chosen sports program is after school.

Will my student be able to be in the band?

Yes, Baldwin County and Putnam County students may participate in band during the first block/period of the school day. Students may also take advantage of other electives or exploratory classes offered during the first block/period of the school day. Please notify the program director/principal of your interests.                                                                                 

If we move out of the county, can my child still attend Early College?

No, only students who live in Baldwin and Putnam Counties are eligible to participate in Early College. If students move out of these counties, they lose their places in Early College.