GREAT Grant - Middle Grades MAT

Georgia College & State University, in collaboration with the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB), is excited to announce that we have received the Georgia Residency for Educating Amazing Teachers (GREAT) Grant for three cohorts of students (2020 – 2023) to complete their MAT in Middle Grades Education in Math and Science. If you’ve been interested in furthering your education, this opportunity may be a great fit for you.

The GREAT Grant offers a living stipend of $39,000, which equals 100 percent of a first- year teacher’s salary. The program is completed in four semesters and held completely online. Professional development experiences associated with the GREAT grant are face-to-face. All accepted students must commit to a one-year residency in the local school system (Putnam, Washington, Baldwin, Hancock, Johnson, and Wilkinson) and promise to teach in the system their residency is completed in for three additional years.

M.A.T. Program Admission Requirements:

  • Application for Admission
  • Transcripts from all institutions attended
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Resumé
  • GACE Program Admission Assessment
  • Completion of Pre-service Certification Application
  • GACE Ethics Test 350
  • 2.75 GPA Requirement 

Please note: For middle grades education certification, 15 hours of math and 15 hours of science credit beyond general education courses are required. Six hours of math content (MAED 5001 and 5002) and six hours of science content (BIOL 5012, PHSC 5012) are included in the program and count toward this requirement. EDMG 5245 Curriculum and Assessment and EDMG 6242 STEM Methods are also part of the program and count toward this requirement.

Additional GREAT Grant Application Requirements:

  • In-person interview and essay
  • Gallup Teacher Insight Assessment

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Great Grant - Middle Grades MAT

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