Employee Recognition Program

The Division of Finance and Administration has established a division-wide Employee Recognition Program to enhance the pride and morale of employees by formally recognizing their contributions to the efficient operation of Georgia College. These awards are designed to encourage outstanding performance; reward excellence in staff achievements and recognize exceptional workplace creativity, innovation and sustained excellence in support of the university administration and operations functions. 

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Awards will be presented annually at the divisional meeting in the following categories:

4.0 Customer Service Award
Awarded to a Finance and Administration employee or group who consistently demonstrates excellent customer service for their coworkers, supervisors, students, faculty, staff or the public through one or more of the following:

  • Greeting customers with a cordial and welcoming manner
  • Making the customer feel important and appreciated
  • Ensuring all individuals are treated fairly, with courtesy and respect
  • Being an effective listener to determine the customer’s needs
  • Transforming complaints into valuable feedback
  • Successfully meeting customer’s needs

Bobcat Excellence Award
Awarded to an employee who has worked at the college for a period of time greater than five years and consistently delivers excellent service. This award recognizes an employee who embraces GC's core values of commitment, respect, excellence, accountability and diversity. The actions cited may or may not be a normal part of the employee's job duties; however, they exhibit drive and passion to enhance the quality and future of GC through one or more of the following:

  • Works hard, usually behind-the-scenes, and seldom is recognized publicly for his or her hard work
  • Creates or fosters a more productive workplace
  • Contributes to the overall development of department or division initiatives
  • Promotes or improves the image of GC

Operational Efficiency
Awarded to a Finance and Administration employee or group in recognition of the implementation of an initiative, project and/or technique that has either:

  • Enhanced service delivery;
  • Created and/or improved efficiencies;
  • Supported sustainability efforts;
  • Had a positive impact within the university community; OR
  • Proven to be cost effective.

Recognizing A Valuable Employee (RAVE)
Awarded to an outstanding staff member in the Division of Finance and Administration that is nominated by the Vice President’s Council. This person exemplifies the core values of the Division; integrity, teamwork, diversity, and excellence. They are dedicated to moving the college forward toward preeminence through their daily work and dedication. 

Eligibility for Awards
All actively employed, benefit-eligible employees of the Division of Finance and Administration are eligible. Nominee must be in good standing in the areas of performance (evaluation) and attendance. Recipients will not be eligible for the same award for two years, but may be nominated for other categories during that two year period. Neither the Vice President for Finance and Administration nor the Special Assistant to the Vice President are eligible for any of the awards.

Nominations may be made online.

Nominations will be reviewed by a committee of employees that do not work within the division. The committee’s recommendation of the unranked top two nominees for each category will be forwarded to the Vice President for Finance and Administration for final selection. 

Award recipients


4.0 Customer Service: Madison Harrell (IT)
Bobcat Excellence: Mark Bowen (Facilities Planning)
Operational Efficiency: Information Technology Dept. (IT)
RAVE: Susan Daniels (Facilities - Grounds)


4.0 Customer Service: Tiffany Andrews (Public Safety)
Bobcat Excellence: Donna Douglas (Grants)
Operational Efficiency: Shea Groebner (Facilities - EHS)
RAVE: Pam Boatright (Human Resources)


4.0 Customer Service: Building Services (Facilities)
Bobcat Excellence: Marty Moore (Facilities - O&M)
Operational Efficiency: Web Development Team (IT)
RAVE: Taria Crump (IT)


4.0 Customer Service: Dana Meeks (Public Safety)
Bobcat Excellence: Anthony Miller (Materials Management)
Operational Efficiency: Parking & Transportation (Auxiliary Services)
RAVE: Cathy Fungone (Budget)


4.0 Customer Service: Kirk Mallory
Bobcat Excellence: Glenn Waddell
Operational Efficiency: Grounds Department
RAVE: Gary Purvis


4.0 Customer Service: Sandra Hill
Bobcat Excellence: Eartha Ward
Operational Efficiency: Business Office
RAVE: Rick Ruark


4.0 Customer Service: Omega Hedgepeth
Bobcat Excellence: Bear Powelski
Operational Efficiency: Christopher Hughes
RAVE: John Webb


Customer Service 4.0: Lindy Ruark
Bobcat Excellence: Lilia McMichael
Operational Efficiency: Chancellor's Service Excellence Award Recipients - Public Safety and Operations & Maintenance


Customer Service 4.0: Vicki Watson
Bobcat Excellence: Charles Gettis
Operational Efficiency: Facilities: Operations & Maintenance Unit


4.0 Customer Service Award: Susan Demmon and Josefina Endere
Bobcat Pride Award: Landscaping & Grounds Crew
Operational Efficiency Award: Michael Baker
Newcomer Award: Ryan Greene


4.0 Customer Service Award: Shuttle Bus Drivers
Bobcat Pride Award: Young Ho Cha
Newcomer Award: Victoria Fowler 


4.0 Customer Service Award- Keeno Weaver
Bobcat Pride Award- Plant Operations Office Staff: Janey McDade, Evita Shinholster, Lisa Bowden and Lori Strawder
Newcomer Award- Evita Shinholster