Meet the Team


Kadian Leslie, MPA

Director, Office of Grants & Sponsored Projects
About the Director

The Director oversees the Office of Grants and Sponsored Projects and is responsible for the continued growth of Georgia College & State University’s external funding portfolio.  She provides leadership for the pursuit of grants, contracts and other sources and oversight of sponsored programs in alignment with Georgia College’s mission and strategic plan. Her focus for the department is pre-award activities, compliance administration, post-award services, and providing advice to and working closely with the Office of the Provost and Financial Services.    

Pre-Award Services

Chandra Cheatham, MPA

Grant and Contract Administrator
Pre-Award Services

The pre-award phase represents the beginning of the grant lifecycle. Activities in this phase include:

  • Proposal Development: Aid in proposal development related to sponsor, institutional, and compliance requirements.
  • Budget Creation: Work with Principal Investigator(s) to determine budgetary needs, as well as, incorporating other factors such as GCSU’s limitations or rates (summer salary, fringe benefits, indirect costs, etc.)
  • Compliance Consideration: Ensure compliance requirements such as human and animal subjects, responsible conduct of research, and financial conflict of interest are satisfied. Typically, this is completed by the PI and the pertinent committee but OGSP verifies appropriate documents are completed/approved prior to submitting proposal.
  • Approval: Ensure appropriate approvals are obtained at the institutional level
  • Proposal Forms: Complete form(s) to be submitted to granting agency
  • Submit Proposal:  Submit the final, internally approved proposal to the funding agency for consideration.
  • Notice of Award: Receive and review NOA from sponsor ensuring that the terms are acceptable.
  • Modifications: Manage changes to the initial award such as change in personnel, scope revision, budget reallocation, no-cost extensions, etc.
  • Project Reporting: Ensure PI submits programmatic and annual reports required by the award term and conditions.

Internal Grants Program

Michaela Reed

Graduate Assistant
Internal Grants Program

Georgia College provides seed funding through internal grant competitions for a variety of research-related activities.  Below is a list and brief descriptions of internal grants and future deadlines, if available:

  • Funding Searches: Suggest funding sources or ways to identify funding source
  • Innovation Grants: Student technology fees supports technology-based research opportunities that show student impact. The call for proposals is announced every fall and spring semester.
  • Sustainability Fee Program (aka the “Green Fee Grant”): Initiated to develop collaborative research between students, staff and faculty that will make our campus more sustainable and promote sustainable practices.
  • Mentored Undergraduate Research and Creative Endeavors (aka MURACE): Provides opportunities for undergraduate students to engage in research under the leadership and mentorship of a faculty member. Two opportunities for potential funding are:
    •  Student Travel Funding: Provides up to $500 in travel support to present their research at an academic conference. Acceptance of applications begins every fall semester.
    • Summer Scholarship Research Funding: Provides scholarships to undergraduate students during the summer semester to pursue their own projects or creative endeavors while under the mentorship of a faculty member. Acceptance of applications begins spring semester.

Post Award Services

Donna Douglas, MBA

Grant and Contract Administrator - Financial
Post Award Services

The post-award phase begins once the proposal has been funded. It is OGSP’s responsibility to ensure fidelity to the application and all funds are responsibly used.  Activities in this phase include:

  • Award/Account Set-up: Establish an account and unique project number for the principal investigator(s) to charge expenses.
  • Financial Monitoring and Reporting: Ensure expenses meet standards set forth by GCSU, USG, state government, and the funding agency and monitor time and effort reporting. Assist with the financial reporting and invoicing.
  • Project Close-out: File all paperwork (internal/external) to close out the project and address items such as unused funds, equipment disposition, intellectual property generation, etc. in accordance with the award term and conditions.