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Learn More About GCSU's Sustainability Internship Program

The Sustainability Fee Program provides paid internships for current undergraduate students. The focus of the internships range from campus recycling to program management and are tailored to each individual student to ensure a unique and impactful experience that prepares students for a post-graduate career in sustainability and beyond. The sustainability internship program attracts students from all disciplines and is an excellent opportunity to gain professional experience during your undergraduate career at Georgia College & State University. Interns work under the direction of the Chief Sustainability Officer and are an integral part of advancing the Georgia College sustainability mission and its associated goals. Since the internship program was established in 2011, there have been over 100 students who have contributed thousands of hours to help Georgia College in reducing its environmental footprint.

Sustainability interns are presented with a variety of professional development opportunities, including, but not limited to, conferences, workshops, trainings, webinars, certifications, and accreditations. The Office of Sustainability works in conjunction with the University Career Center to promote career preparedness through pre- and post-internship evaluations and encouraging the completion of GCSU's Career Planning Milestones. Sustainability interns have a high level of responsibility and are viewed as campus sustainability experts that are passionate about advancing the Triple Bottom Line. If you are interested in becoming a Sustainability Intern, you can apply during the spring application process which opens in January. Interviews are held during February/March and selections are finalized prior in April. If you have questions about the Sustainability Internship Program, please send an email to sustaingc@gcsu.edu.

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