Shades of Green

2020/2021 Initiatives

Dr. Kalina Manoylov began serving as the Chairperson for the GC Shades of Green in 2020. Under her guidance and direction, the GC Shades of Green will research and address campus sustainability issues caused by COVID-19. Dr. Manoylov will address the Board prior to the opening of the 2020/2021 academic year to brainstorm how GC Shades of Green can have a positive impact in reducing the negative impacts on the natural environment of the solutions to face-to-face campus activities.

Purpose of the Organization

GC Shades of Green (GC SOG) is an organization dedicated to responsible leadership grounded in ethics, corporate and social responsibility for the creation and maintenance of a sustainable world. The mission of GC Shades is to develop environmentally responsible citizens through collaboration with the GC Sustainability Council, students, faculty, staff, community members, and strategic business partners. Thus, GC Shades of Green is dedicated to providing valuable transformative interdisciplinary learning opportunities outside of the classroom that expands knowledge beyond textbooks and lectures to influence.

GC SOG Constitution - constitution_for_shades_of_green_9_16_18.pdf

Board of Directors

Executive Board Members

Kalina Manoylov

Kalina Manoylov

202 Herty Hall
(478) 445-2439

Ph.D., Zoology/Ecology, Evol. Biology/Behavior, Michigan State University


Research: Aquatic Ecology, algal ecology, diatom taxonomy

Doreen Sams

Dr. Doreen Sams

Professor of Marketing
212 Atkinson Hall
Ron Smith

Ron Smith

Lecturer of Marketing
whitney ginder

Dr. Whitney Ginder

Assistant Professor of Marketing
423 Atkinson Hall
Hasitha Mahabaduge

Hasitha Mahabaduge

Assistant Professor of Physics
124 Beeson Hall, CBX 82
(478) 445-8633

Ph.D., Physics, University of Toledo


Condensed Matter
Photovoltaic Cells


Lori Hamilton

Chief Sustainability Officer

External Advisory Board

Amanda Martin-Aiken

Pretreatment/FOG Compliance Coordinator, City of Milledgeville - Wastewater Treatment Plant

Jeniffer Sams

Doctoral Candidate Focus on Art & The Natural Environment, Indiana University
The Second Annual Emma Brodzik Scholarship Awarded 2019


Alexa is currently in the process of earning the Georgia College Sustainability Certificate, has already successfully completed 72 credit hours, and is taking 14 credit hours this semester. She has also completed scholarship qualifying courses including, but not limited to, IDST 20150 Sustainability, GEOG 3100 Intro Geographic Information, COB qualifying courses, ENSC 4400 Resource Use, and ENSC 4150 Environmental Hydrogeology, and has been an active member of the Environmental Science Club for the past five semesters.

Alexa has been an environmental enthusiast since her senior year in a high school, when a class in Marine Biology sparked an interest in the natural world and, in particular, the oceans. In answering the Emma Brodzik scholarship essay questions, she wrote that from the first semester at Georgia College and membership in the GC Environmental Science Club the candidate learned that others also cared about sustainable farming, protection of national parks and composting for which the candidate worked with friends at the GC West Campus in-vessel compost system.

Alexa has made on-going contributions to and participation, since her freshman year, in the Environmental Science Club, Gardening Club, Earth Action Team, volunteer work through the Office of Sustainability, and demonstrated leadership within the Environmental Science Club officer positions of “Office of Sustainability Liaison,” and now as “President of the Environmental Science Club.”

The First Annual Emma Brodzik Scholarship Awarded 2018

Emma was present at the premiere of the movie "Science Fair"  to award Nick Palmer with the very first Emma Brodzik Scholarship Award.