Community Expectations

Living in a community environment is one of the most important experiences a student will have at Georgia College & State University.  Throughout their college career, the community in which they live will support the individuals while also providing a broader understanding of the world.  

Over the years, the student body has created the policies which govern students living in University Housing.  These policies were discussed, debated, and ultimately adopted by the Resident Student Association.  

At the start of each year, the Community Advisor will guide the community (floor, wing or hall) in the creation of Community Standards.  While University Housing and GCSU policies provide a basic framework for behavior, these standards, created and enforced by the members of the community, help the group decide how they will live together and hold each other accountable.  Community Standards may answer questions such as:

  • How will we treat each other?
  • How will we address issues when they arise?
  • What support will we provide each other academically or socially?

To learn more about creating Community Standards for your floor talk with your Community Advisor or Community Director

Community Standards are crucial at the start of the fall, however, this topic should be revisited throughout the year.  As a community grows and changes, so will the standards.