Committee Structure and Membership

Atkinson Hall Spring

The Steering Committee is overseeing the planning process and will conduct a review of the university’s mission to ensure alignment with the strategic direction of the University. It will ensure transparency and open communications with the campus and broader community and will receive input from the subcommittees and ultimately draft the strategic plan.


  • Hedwig Fraunhofer, Professor of French & German 
  • Jeannie Pridmore, Chair, Department of Information Systems and Computer Science 
  • Nicole DeClouette, Professor of Special Education, Interim Associate Dean College of Education 
  • Liz Speelman, Senior Lecturer of Outdoor Education and Director of Outdoor Center
  • Brian Newsome, Dean of the John E. Sallstrom Honors College 
  • Lamonica Sanford, Assistant Professor of Library Science and Assessment Librarian
  • Joel Robinson, Senior Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management 
  • Chris Ferland, Associate Vice President for Institutional Research 
  • Kevin Bucholtz, Associate Provost for Student Engagement and Academic Excellence
  • Dan Nadler, Vice President for Student Life 
  • Susan Allen, Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration 
  • Seth Walker, Vice President for University Advancement
  • John Jackson, Director of Parking and Transportation Services
  • Cara Smith, Director of Institutional Effectiveness/SACSCOC Liaison 
  • Michael Snowden, Chief Diversity Officer
  • Jennifer Graham, Associate Dean of Student Inclusion and Belonging
  • Brian Watson, Interim Chief Information Officer
  • Al Weston, Interim Associate Vice President for Strategic Communications 
  • Wendell Staton, Athletic Director 
  • Axel Hawkins, Student Government Association President 


  • Holley Roberts, Associate Provost for Academic Affairs and Director of The Graduate School
  • Diana Young, Associate Professor of Psychology 


  • Cathy Cox, President
  • Costas Spirou, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs


  • Cara Smith
  • Jeannie Pridmore 
  • Brian Newsome 
  • Nicole DeClouette 
  • Liz Speelman 
  • Kevin Bucholtz 
  • Chris Ferland
Communication SUBCOMMITTEE
  • Holley Roberts 
  • Lamonica Sanford 
  • Joel Robinson 
  • Michael Snowden 
  • Hedwig Fraunhofer 
  • Al Weston 
  • Joshua Smith
Implementation SUBCOMMITTEE
  • Jennifer Graham 
  • Axel Hawkins
  • John Jackson 
  • Diana Young 
  • Wendell Staton 
  • Susan Allen
  • Brian Watson
  • Seth Walker