(verb): 1. To make noteworthy or remarkable: to give prominence or distinction, 2. To mark as separate or different

Students walk on the sidewalk at Georgia College
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We will demonstrate the importance of our unique liberal arts experience in preparing students for today’s complex working world, and in doing so, refine and strengthen the university’s reputation for attracting the highest caliber students, faculty, and staff.


1. Clearly define a shared understanding of our unique liberal arts experience.

a. Solidify a clear set of experiences that signify the hallmarks of the university’s unique liberal arts mission. 

b. Communicate this shared understanding to the campus community.

2. Develop and implement a new brand campaign to expand and enhance our statewide and national reputation.

a. Elevate specific aspects of our liberal arts experience that are unique and compelling and build on the strengths of the university. 

b. Develop a marketing and communications content strategy that continuously demonstrates the importance of our unique liberal arts experience. 

c. Apply a consistent visual identity system with enterprise-wide branding standards for GCSU and our athletic programs.

3. Deepen our collective commitment and shared goals across campus to align with the mission and vision of GCSU and embody our shared identity and brand.

a. Operationalize the unique liberal arts experience of the university’s transformative experiences, curriculum, and co-curricular activities. 

b. Expand undergraduate research/creative endeavors as a key element that differentiates the university. 

c. Emphasize that students, faculty, and staff have an important role to play in terms of being brand ambassadors and demonstrating the ways that their work contributes to our shared identity. 

d. Use a consistent set of narratives and a shared language to describe strategic aspects of the GCSU experience.


Progress and metric information coming soon!