Planning Timeline

Spring 2022

  • Final report of 2016-2021 Strategic Plan: Our Path to Preeminence delivered to President 
  • President Cox approves new strategic planning process and spoke about GC’s intention to identify best practices already being implemented by top-tier universities at the State of the University address  
  • 2016-2021 Final Report presented to Executive Cabinet and posted to website 
  • Campus community invited to submit additional aspirational universities via Front Page 

Summer 2022

  • The Strategic Plan Steering Committee discusses aspirational institutions and plan the stakeholder engagement process. 
  • Aspirant university list determined 
  • Steering Committee retreat to plan for kick-off of 2023-2030 strategic plan 

Fall 2022

  • Strategic Planning Kickoff – Senate Retreat, Faculty Welcome Back Breakfast, others 
  • Data gathering through stakeholder focus groups and surveys   
  • Aspirant University Visits 
  • Steering Committee retreat to assess data from stakeholder groups, survey, and aspirant university visits 

Spring 2023

  • Strategic Plan Pillars, descriptors, and implementation timeline announced to campus 
  • President Cox presents to campus at State of the University Address 
  • Colleges and non-academic units align individual goals with Strategic Plan Pillars 

Fall 2023

  • Implementation of 2023-2030 University Strategic plan – Launch Celebration