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The Georgia College Leadership Certificate Program is a nine-credit academic program. Successful completion of the program earns a baccalaureate certificate in leadership studies from Georgia College.
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Leadership Certificate Program

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Admission Requirements 

To qualify for application to the Leadership Certificate Program, you must: 

  • Have completed at least fifteen credit hours by the anticipated start of their program experience.

  • Hold a minimum grade-point average of 3.0. 

  • Maintain Good Academic Standing, as defined by the University Registrar, and abide by the Georgia College Honor Code.


  • March 1st, Fall Admission 
  • August 1st, Transfer Student Admission 
  • October 1st, Spring Admission 


Applicants will be notified of their admission status within two weeks.

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Is the Leadership Certificate Program right for me?

We welcome any Georgia College undergraduate student to apply for admission to the Leadership Certificate Program. No particular background or experience is required, and we invite students from any major or professional path. Our courses are designed to be accessible for students from across the disciplines, freshman through senior. 

Consider: Are you: 

  • Curious? Are you inquisitive? Do you enjoy asking good questions and trying to understand all sides of an issue? 

  • Civic-minded? Do you care about the world around you? Are you eager to bring people together in service of the public good? 

  • Future-oriented? Do you look ahead with a sense of potential and hope to create positive change in your organizations and community? 

  • Motivated? Are you driven by a sense of accomplishment? 

If so, please apply to the Leadership Certificate Program. 

How will the Leadership Certificate Program support me in major and professional ambitions?

Leadership is needed in all sectors of society. Leadership does not depend on your major; we need teachers, nurses, entrepreneurs, scientists, public servants, non-profit directors, and many other professionals capable of effectively working with others to create positive change. 

What are the requirements to complete the program?

The Leadership Certificate Program has three steps. 

  1. Leadership Colloquium, “How to Change the World” 

  2. Leadership Practice 

  3. Leadership Seminar 

First, you’ll learn broadly about leadership and social entrepreneurship in our signature colloquium, “How to Change the World.” Second, you’ll practice your leadership and apply what you’re learning to solving practical problems, either by serving as a consultant to an organization through our Leadership Practicum, by taking part in a Washington-based internship, or by traveling to France and studying intercultural leadership at the European Study Center and European Parliament. Lastly, you will take a focused approach to studying some aspect of leadership in one of our specialized seminars. 

What will I learn?

The Leadership Certificate Program will equip you with the knowledge and skills to effect meaningful change in your organizations, communities, and in the world. In the program, you will learn and practice: 

  • Civic Engagement and Public Affairs 

  • Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

  • Strategic Thought 

  • Inclusive Leadership 

  • Intercultural Negotiation 

  • Ethics in Leadership 

What classes will I take?

Students begin their time in the program in our signature colloquium, “How to Change the World.” A dynamic course for students from all programs of study, “How to Change the World” will teach you the fundamental skills and practices of effective leadership and of social entrepreneurship. Students also can choose from a range of specialized seminars that explore leadership in a focused way. Recent seminars include “Grand Strategy,” “Those Who Lead, Mentor,” and “Leadership in the Second World War.” 

When do the classes meet?

Our staff members work carefully with each student to ensure that program courses meet your academic schedule. Each semester, we offer a broad range of courses, and we work with the academic advising staff to ensure students’ enrollment. In the fall term, we typically offer two sections of our signature colloquium, “How to Change the World”; in the spring, we typically offer one section. 

How time-intensive is the Leadership Certificate Program?

Courses in the Leadership Certificate Program ask for the same time and commitment you would put into any of your other courses. Beyond classes, we recommend that students commit about 2 to 3 hours per month to the program. Opportunities include: 

  • Having lunch with a visiting executive. 

  • Travel to Atlanta for a meeting with elected officials. 

  • Represent Georgia College on delegations across the state. 

  • Hear from experts, authors, and thought-leaders at a conference. 

When are applications due?

To be considered for fall admission to the Leadership Certificate Program, you should complete your application by March 1st. For spring admission, you should complete applications by October 1st. Transfer students are admitted on a rolling basis with final applications due July 31st. Applicants are notified of their admission status within two weeks. 

How many credit hours is the program?

Program completion earns a student a Certificate in Leadership Studies from Georgia College, which is an academic credential and recorded on your transcript. To complete the program, you will complete a minimum of nine credit hours, which often can meet other degree requirements within your program of study. Some students elect to take additional courses beyond the nine hours as well. 

Will the program be recorded on my transcript?

Yes. Completion of the program will be reflected on your Georgia College academic transcript in two ways. Each of the courses you take will be listed, along with the grades you received. Likewise, with your majors and minors will be listed a Certificate in Leadership Studies. 

How challenging are the program courses?

We often tell students: “The hardest work happens in the classroom.” Expect to be asked tough questions and to wrestle with big ideas. Likewise, expect to be supported by your professors and classmates as you form your ideas and develop your own believes about leadership. 

What are the program costs?

The program has no additional cost beyond tuition, and there are no particular course or program fees. With questions regarding tuition, we encourage you to speak directly with a GC financial aid counselor. 

Is there an application fee or deposit to be a part of the program?

There are no application fees, course fees, or required deposits. Beyond tuition, students have no additional or ongoing costs. The State of Georgia has allocated significant funds to keep the program affordable for our students, and our donors provide more than a third of our annual budget, as well as generous scholarships. We provide for all program expenses, including travel, conference registrations, meals, and materials. 

How can I learn more?

Please schedule a conversation with us. We are eager to explore options with you and to support you in your leadership journey.