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Beyond simply teaching students how to be successful in business or in their professions, at Georgia College & State University, we help our students forge meaningful connections to our communities and world.
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Leadership for the Public Good

Georgia College & State University's Leadership Clinics offer team-based analysis and problem-solving for organizations in our community and across Georgia. Through our Leadership Clinics, students work under the supervision of a faculty mentor to complete a project for a partner agency. Students work with the partner agency to gather data and to identify a central question to answer; they draft a scope of work and lay out of a timeline for execution and implementation. 

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Our Leadership Clinics offer students opportunities to practice a wide range of important skills related to leadership, civic engagement, and strategic thought. Moreover, we provide an important service to the communities we serve, offering the highest level of research and analysis. 

Our Clinics

Strategy Clinic

The Strategy Clinic teaches structured, team-based problem-solving and planning related to strategic thought, as well as the strategic, operational, and tactical levels of analysis. Our students learn the elements of strategic thought, including how to reconcile means and ends. Students specifically apply their learning through: 

  • Conducting stakeholder analyses. 

  • Conducting environmental scans, including analysis of relevant political, economic, social, and technological trends. 

  • Analyzing competition and identifying a competitive advantage.  

  • Identifying an organization's mission and vision. 

  • Establishing long-term strategic objectives 

  • Identifying and selecting key performance indicators. 

  • Operationalizing strategic plans. 

Community Solutions Clinic

Community Solutions Clinic

Partner with Us

Georgia College’s Community Partners represent a broad range of businesses and firms, non-profit organizations, public agencies, government offices, and schools—each committed to cultivating the next generation of citizen-leaders and public servants.

Georgia College seeks Community Partners who share our commitment to promote positive change and ongoing innovation, as well as cooperation and collaboration among our partners.

Your Partners

Partner with Us

Madison Green headshot

Madison Green

Clinical Coordinator
(478) 445-1227

Madison Green serves as clinical coordinator. She holds a bachelors degree in outdoor education from Georgia College, as well as a certificate in nonprofit management. Ms. Green currently is a Master of Public Administration candidate at Georgia College. She previously served as program coordinator for Georgia College's Leadership Academy and worked for the Outdoor Center at Georgia College, where she found a passion for program planning and group development. Additionally, she was a member of the GC Cross County team.

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Harold Mock

Director of Leadership Programs and Assistant Professor of History
(478) 445-1227

Dr. Harold Mock directs the Office of Leadership Programs and teaches courses on principles of leadership. A specialist in international affairs and transatlantic relations, he is currently writing a book entitled Dangerous Power: An International History of German Unification, 1969-1993. Dr. Mock's research and teaching interests include civil-military relations, particularly related to nuclear strategy and defense planning in western Europe. He holds a Ph.D. in history from the University of Virginia, where he previously served as Bradley Research Fellow. Additionally, Dr. Mock holds a master's degree in history from Virginia and bachelor's degrees in political science and history from Georgia College. He is a member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

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  • Western European security 
  • Civil-military relations 
  • Transatlantic relations 
  • European integration 
  • German foreign policy
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To schedule an appointment with Dr. Mock, please contact Tammie Burke, office coordinator, at (478) 445-1227 or tammie.burke@gcsu.edu

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Georgia College's Leadership Clinical Program relies on gifts from individuals, organizations, and foundations. Their generous support allows this vital work to continue.

Georgia College takes no institutional position on public policy and remains non-partisan and apolitical. The views expressed here and the work of our Leadership Clinics do not necessarily reflect the views of Georgia College, the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia, or the State of Georgia.