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Join a multidisciplinary community of scholars committed to connecting their disciplines and scholarship with leadership, civic affairs, and public life.
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Together, we can accomplish great things.

Faculty affiliates' most important role is to advance our Research & Public Service Priorities through their teaching and scholarship. We invite faculty affiliates to offer courses in their fields of expertise—courses that engage with leadership, citizenship, and democracy and that interpret questions of public interest through their own disciplinary contexts.

We invite our faculty affiliates to work collaboratively with our Research & Public Service team to establish our Research & Public Service agenda and to identify topics for publication in our annual Leadership Forecast.

Additionally, we invite our faculty affiliates to:

  • Collaborate on research teams
  • Convene and moderate research circles
  • Assist in identifying guest scholars and presenters for forums, symposia, and conferences
  • Share their expertise and research, including through news stories, profiles and features, and on social media
  • Nominate students for application to Georgia College & State University's leadership programs and our fellowships
  • Review applications for fellowship appointment
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Benefits to Our Faculty Affiliates

Benefits to Our Faculty Affiliates

Join a multidisciplinary community of scholars committed to connecting their disciplines and scholarship with leadership, citizenship, democracy, and public affairs.


Faculty affiliates enjoy opportunities to partner on curriculum and research projects and access to our collaborative network for guidance, support, and feedback.


Support for Your Research and Scholarship

Our faculty affiliates work to advance our Research & Public Service Priorities and to inform civil discourse and contribute meaningfully to the public good. We provide:

  • Research Assistance. Our Research & Public Service Team includes capable and committed research assistants. Students in our Leadership Clinics provide project-based work with community organizations across Georgia.
  • Access to Funding. We offer pooled resources and matching funds in service of our Research & Public Service Priorities, as well as strategic assistance discovering opportunities for external support, partnerships, and collaborations.
  • Leadership Ideas Festival. We offer opportunities for you and your students to showcase your expertise, research, and scholarship in our annual Leadership Ideas Festival.

Additionally, we proudly profile our faculty affiliates on our webpage and in other communications and offer tailored letters of support, upon request, attesting to affiliation status and documenting your activities as a faculty affiliate. We encourage our members to cite their affiliation in their publications, proposals, and on working titles.


Focused Professional Learning and Faculty Development

We offer specialized professional learning and development for our faculty affiliates.

  • Workshops. Faculty affiliates enjoy exclusive access to workshops and mentoring in placing op-eds and shaping public discourse, on legislative and public advocacy, and on communicating scholarly and research findings with the public and popular audiences.
  • Publication Opportunities. Our faculty affiliates have the opportunity to author publications in our Leadership Briefs series, which offer new insights in those areas and that are directly relevant to contemporary leadership challenges or problems.
  • Public Comment. Through our GC Analysis service, members of the public submit questions they would like answered. Our faculty affiliates have the opportunity to offer public comment or response, whether in writing or on video.


Exclusive Invitation to Our Leadership Ideas Festival and Annual Seminar

Each year, we host more than a hundred events, including workshops, forums, and symposia—culminating in our annual Leadership Ideas Festival. Additional exclusive invitations include participation in receptions with our Community Partners, board and cabinet members, and alumni.


Priority Registration and Ticket Sales

Faculty affiliates enjoy priority registration to our Inspire! Forum on Leadership, our Usery Forum, and our Transatlantic Leadership Consortium symposia. Additionally, faculty affiliates enjoy priority tickets for TEDxGeorgiaCollege®.


Subscription to our Leadership Forecast

We offer subscription to our annual Leadership Forecast, and we provide exclusive invitations to our Forecast programming.


Staff and Material Support

In support of our mission to provide teaching, research, and public service related to leadership, citizenship, democracy, and public affairs, we offer our faculty affiliates:

  • Staff Support. We offer limited staff support in organizing and hosting events, seminars, and symposia related to our Research & Public Service Priorities.
  • ThinkTank. The Georgia College ThinkTank provides incubation space for research and public service projects, as well as a flexible, collaborative environment for related leadership work. 
  • Communications and Public Relations Staff. Members of our Strategic Communications team profile our faculty affiliates in our print publications, through digital media, and our diverse communications platform.


Discounted Rates for the Women’s Leadership Collaborative

Our Women’s Leadership Collaborative brings together the brightest minds from the public sector, business and private enterprise, non-profit, and academia. With dozens of events and opportunities annually, our network creates dynamic and high-profile experiences for those interested in women’s leadership. 

Signature Events and Opportunities

Each year, we offer a broad range of events and activities for our Community Partners and our network. We offer personalized invitations for our Community Partners and members of their organizations to participate and join our conversations about leadership for the public good.


The Georgia College Leadership Ideas Festival brings together the brightest minds from across our state for a daylong discussion of creative ideas and public leadership. 


TEDx is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of TED’s overall mission to research and discover “ideas worth spreading.” TEDxGeorgiaCollege® brings the spirit of TED to our community and, through the TEDx network, opens our community to those around the world.


The Inspire! Forum on Leadership is Georgia College’s presentation-discussion series on leadership for the public good. Presenters are distinguished executives in private enterprise or hold leadership roles in the public sector and share the university’s commitment to leadership for the public good, whether in business, the non-profit sector, or public affairs.


The Usery Forum on Leadership is part of the Inspire! Forum series and is supported by a generous gift from the Kim Usery Foundation. The goal of the series, named for former U.S. Secretary of Labor W. J. Usery, Jr., is to focus on leadership that brings people together, bridging divides and spanning boundaries.


Georgia College’s annual Leadership Mixer welcomes students, faculty, and our community partners to network, collaborate, and learn about opportunities available to them.


The Georgia College Research & Public Service Summit brings together the Leadership Advisory Board, the Leadership Cabinet, and Georgia College's leadership faculty affiliates to create partnerships and collaborations, both within and outside the university. 


Community Partners join our students and faculty for statewide delegation visits. In our joint commitment to leadership for the public good, we work to bring together the public, private, and non-profit sectors and to understand the diversity of our communities and state.   


In our annual Leadership Forecast, Georgia College provides expert analysis on the current leadership environment and offers considerations for leaders as they guide their organizations in the year to come. We offer that analysis to our Community Partners through webinars, virtual book clubs, and targeted industry- and sector-specific workshops.

Sponsorships Available. We offer competitive sponsorship packages, allowing our faculty affiliates and their departments to showcase their commitment to preparing the next generation of Georgia’s leaders and to leadership for the public good.

Leadership Faculty Affiliates

Leadership Faculty Advisory Committee

Steven Elliott-Gower

Dr. Steve Elliott-Gower

Associate Professor of Political Science
(478) 445-1467

Political Science
University of Georgia

University of Georgia

B.A. (Hons.)
University of Lancaster (UK)

  • Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
  • Role-playing Simulations
  • Student Development and Global Citizenship
  • Global Governance 
  • Global Civic Literacy 
Jehan El-Jourbagy

Prof. Jehan El-Jourbagy

Associate Professor of Business Law & Ethics
(478) 445-8662

University of Georgia School of Law

Political Science
University of Georgia

Public Relations
University of Georgia

  • Business law pedagogy
  • Corporate sustainability
  • Business ethics and corporate liability
JW Good

Dr. J. W. Good

Professor of Educational Leadership
(478) 445-0692

University of Virginia

James Madison University

Bridgewater College

  • Personalized Learning
  • Effective Meetings
  • Learning Environments (Cognia)
Debbie Greene

Dr. Debbie Greene

Professor of Nursing
(478) 445-5152

Georgia State University

  • Healthcare Safety and Quality
  • Informatics
  • Technology in Nursing/Nursing Education
Jeff Turner

Dr. Jeff Turner

Associate Professor of Outdoor Education
(478) 445-0947

Recreation and Leisure Studies
University of Georgia

Georgia College

University of Missouri

  • Social and physical environments of adventure-based learning environments
  • Development of outdoor leaders

Committee Portal 

Online resource portal for members of the Leadership Faculty Advisory Committee. 

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Committee Guide

Annual guide and calendar for members of the Leadership Faculty Advisory Committee.

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