Tutoring - Learning Center and Math Emporium

Spring 2023 Tutoring Hours 

Starting 1/17: Mondays-Thursdays 9 am-9 pm; Fridays 9 am- 2pm

Tutoring for STEM and Econ classes

Phys tutoring
Student Testimonials About Tutoring


  • "I go there to study all the time. It's pleasant and I love being able to ask the tutor's for help every once in a while."
  • "Hannah from math is so awesome!! Tremendously helped my grade!"
  • "Y'all are great, thank you!"
  • "the macro tutors have saved my life"
  • "The atmosphere is nice. It's not too loud but it's not too quiet either."
two students tutoring at desk


Learning Center tutors and Math Emporium ULAs go through extensive training to maintain their role in the LC.  They are equipped to help with content area questions, but also can assist with study techniques, time management strategies, and organization tips.  

General Tutoring Info

The Learning Center (LC) offers free drop-in tutoring and academic assistance to GC students. Additionally, the Math Emporium's Undergraduate Learning Assistants (ULAs) provide drop-in tutoring for students enrolled in College Algebra and Math Modeling. The LC and Math Emporium are friendly and stress- free environments to study and work. 

The Learning Center and Math Emporium will be adjusting availability to meet new safety requirements.  To request online or in-person tutoring, please click here.

Classes we offering tutoring in include:  

  • Science courses (Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Kinesiology, Psychology)
  • Math (Math Emporium for College Algebra and Math Modeling, LC for other Math courses)
  • Economics 

What certifications and qualifications does the Learning Center's services have? 

The Learning Center's Tutors, PASS Tutors, and ULAs are trained according to the College Reading and Learning Association's (CRLA) International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) standards.  The Learning Center has earned the highest certification credentials offered, a Level 3 Master Certified tutoring center. Additionally, each tutor has a proven history of academic success in the discipline in which they tutor. 

How to Receive Tutoring

Face-to-face tutoring in the LC:

  • No appointment is necessary, so simply drop by the LC, located on the second floor of the Library.  
  • Check in at our front desk using your Bobcat id.  
  • Tutors on shift will be at their assigned subject table, waiting to help.  
  • Be sure to log out on the front desk computer when you leave.