New/Revised Policies

Georgia College Policy Revisions



Key Revisions

10/2022 Social Media Policy The policy provides guidance for the posting/usage on social media platforms.
  Institution Online Resource Governance Policy The policy provides guidance on University's ownership, control and use of all Institution Online Resources

Freedom of Expression Policy

The policy provides guidance on freedom of speech,  freedom of expression and the right to assemble
12/2020 Telework Policy The policy provides guidance to allow teleworking for employees who fill job classifications/positions that have been designated as eligible for telework.
12/2020 Flextime, Compensatory Time, and Overtime Policy The policy provides guidance to employees on proper use of flextime, compensatory time and overtime in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act, University and Board of Regents Policies.
10/2020 Naming Policy The policy provides guidance on the naming of a facility, fund or faculty position at Georgia College.
6/2020 Social Media Policy The policy provides guidance for the posting/usage on social media platforms.
4/2020 Pregnant and Parenting Student Policy Policy addresses the accommodations provided to pregnant and parenting students.
2/2020 Contract Management Policy Policy establishes a University wide contract management system to ensure integrity in the contracting process.
  Delegation of Contract Signature Authority Policy Policy outlines the contract administration process.


Open Records Act Policy

Policy provides guidance related to the Opens Records Act.
  Records Management Policy Policy provides guidance related to the management of University records.


Board of Regents Policy Revisions (July 1, 2016 – Present)

January through May 2018 Policy Revision Listing



Revised Section


Key Revisions

May 17, 2023

Campus Affairs, Finance and Business, Personnel

Board Policy 6.5 Freedom of Expression

Policy revision affects the following: 

  • Board Policy 6.5 
  • Board Policy 6.26 
  • Board Policy 
  • Board Policy 7.4.1 
  • Board Policy 
  • Board Policy 
November 12, 2019

Institutional Governance

Board Policy 2.8 Institutional Mission

Policy revision provides the inclusion of a Nexus degree.

Academic Affairs

Board Policy 3.8 Degrees

Policy revision provides the inclusion of a Nexus degree. The specifications for the Nexus degree is included in section 3.8.3.
October 2019

Finance and Business

Board Policy 7.13 Designation of USG as a Hybrid Entity under HIPAA

Policy provides information regarding covered functions as defined by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.
August 8, 2019

Campus Affairs

Board Policy Retention of Weapon and Badge: Retiring Police Officer

Policy revision provides guidance on how a USG law enforcement officer may retain their department weapon and badge..
May 14, 2019

Campus Affairs

Board Policy 6.26 Application for Discretionary Review

Policy revision was made to align with organizational changes in the Administrative Division at the University System Office.

Finance and Business

Board Policy 7.5.1 Banking

Policy revision provides notification of a change in law that requires all taxes and utilities be paid from a country of origin bank. 

Board Policy 7.7.5 Background Checks of Supplier and Contractor Employees (New Policy Section)

Section Background Check Requirements for Selected Suppliers

Section Background Check Requirements for Construction Contractors and Subcontractors

These new policy sections address requirements for background checks of suppliers and construction contractors and subcontractors.


Board Policy Conflicts of Interests, Conflicts of Commitment, and Outside Activities

Policy revision provides additional guidance to USG employees regarding conflicts of interest, required disclosures, outside consulting and compensated outside activities.

Board Policy 8.2.19 Tuition Assistance Program

Policy revision provides additional guidance to USG employees regarding the Tuition Assistance Program(TAP) and clarifies that masters level professional degrees for dental, medical, pharmacy and law are eligible under TAP.

4/16 - 17/2019

























Student Affairs

Board Policy 4.2 Undergraduate Admission

Section 4.2.1 Admission Requirements for Programs Leading to an Associate or Baccalaureate Degree

            Section Freshman Requirements

            Section International Freshman Requirements (New)

Section Exceptions to Freshman Requirements (previously Exceptions to Freshman Admission Requirements for Special Groups of Students)

Section Dual Enrollment Requirements (New)

Section Transfer Requirements (previously Section Undergraduate Admission Transfer Requirements for Transfer Students)

Section International Transfer Requirements (New)

Section Exceptions to Transfer Requirements (New)

Section Non-Traditional Requirements (previously Section Non-Traditional Students)

Section Persons Age 62 or Over (previously Section NOTE:  No change to the wording of the section.

Section 4.2.2 Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs Not Leading to a Baccalaureate Degree

            Section Admission to Career Programs

            Section Admission of Students to Certificate Programs at              Designated Vocational Divisions (NOTE: section deleted)

           Section Admission of Non-Degree Students (previously                 Section

          Section Admission of Postbaccalaureate Students (New)

          Section Admission of Transient Students

         Section Admission of Auditors

Policy revisions bring consistency and increase the efficiency of the Policy Manual. The proposed changes include the addition of a sentence referencing the Academic & Student Affairs Handbook as the source for the standards, procedures, and guidelines relevant to the Undergraduate Admission policies.

Finance and Business

Board Policy Cyber Insurance (New)

Policy addition advises that the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia obtained Cyber Insurance.


Board Policy 8.2.12 Voluntary Savings Plans /Deferred Compensation Programs (previously entitled Annuity Programs/Deferred Compensation Programs)

Policy revision will remove the ability for institutions to set up institutional voluntary retirement savings plans.

Information, Records, and Publication

Board Policy 10.4 Cybersecurity

     Section 10.4.1 System-Level Responsibilities

     Section 10.4.2 Institutional- and Organizational-Level Responsibilities

     Section 10.4.3 Identify Theft


Policy edits to the policy build upon guidance issued and strengthen those efforts by requiring the University System Office and each USG institution to maintain a user awareness, training, and education plan that is consistent with the guidelines provided by USG Cybersecurity, as well as a trained and dedicated information security officer. 

Student Affairs

Board Policy 4.7 Student Appeals 

Policy revision provides additional guidance to USG students regarding appeals from institutional decisions.

Campus Affairs

Board Policy 6.26 Application for Discretionary Review

Policy revision provides additional guidance to USG employees and students regarding appeals from institutional decisions.



Board Policy 8.2.21 Employment Appeals

Policy revision provides additional guidance to USG employees regarding appeals from institutional decisions.

Finance and Business

Board Policy Waiver of Mandatory Fees for U.S. Military Reserve and Georgia National Guard Combat Veterans


Academic Affairs

Board Policy 3.3.6 Academic Credit Earned Through Extra-Institutional and Prior Learning


Academic Affairs

Board Policy 3.9 Academic Advising


Academic Affairs

Board Policy 3.10 Academic Textbooks



Board Policy Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment

Section Compensated Outside Activities: Restrictions & Approval Process (New Section)

Section Faculty Consulting (Previously

Section Disclosure (Previously


Officers of the Board of Regents

Board Policy 1.2.5 Publicity Responsibilities (Previously 10.1)

Institutional Governance

Board Policy 2.1 Election of Presidents by the Board

Board Policy 2.2 Selection of Presidents for USG Institutions

Board Policy 2.3 Performance Assessment of Presidents

Board Policy 2.4 Compensation of Presidents (Previously 2.8)

Board Policy 2.5 Presidential Transitions (Previously 2.4)

Section 2.5.1 Resignation or Retirement

Section 2.5.2 Reappointment Declined

Section 2.5.3 Removal for Cause

Section 2.5.4 Educational Leave and Continued Employment

Board Policy 2.6 Presidential Authority and Responsibilities (Previously 2.5)

Section 2.6.1 Executive Head of Institution

Section 2.6.2 Ex-Officio Faculty Chair

Section 2.6.3 Personnel Policies

Section 2.6.4 Agreements

Section 2.6.5 Delegation of Authority and Responsibilities

Board Policy 2.7 Organization Structure and Changes

Board Policy 2.8 Institutional Mission (Previously 2.10)

Board Policy 2.9 Institutional Effectiveness: Planning and Assessment

Board Policy 2.10 Presidents’ Meetings (Previously 2.6)

Academic Affairs

Board Policy 3.2.1 Faculty Membership

Board Policy Corps of Instruction

Board Policy 3.2.3 Faculty Meetings, Rules, and Regulations (Previously 3.2.3 and 3.2.4)

Board Policy University System of Georgia Faculty Council (Previously

Board Policy Associate Degrees

Board Policy General Education Course Transfer

Board Policy Grades Approved in Determining the Grade Point Average  

Board Policy 3.6.2 Termination of Academic Programs

Board Policy 3.6.3 Comprehensive Academic Program Review

Board Policy 3.8 Degrees

Section 3.8.1 General

Section 3.8.2 Associate Degrees (Previously 3.3.6)

Section Transfer Degrees (Previously

Section Career Degrees (Previously

Section 3.8.3 Graduate Degrees (Previously 3.8.2)

Section 3.8.4 Ph.D. Programs (Previously

Section 3.8.3 Residence Requirement for Degrees (Deleted – Replaced with Graduate Degrees)

Section 3.8.6 Honorary Degrees (Previously 3.8.4) 

Student Affairs

Board Policy 4.1.2 Financial Needs Analysis (Previously 4.4.2)

Board Policy 4.1.4 Fraternities and Sororities

Board Policy 4.5 Intercollegiate Athletics

Section 4.5 Intercollegiate Athletics

Section 4.5.1 Purpose

Section 4.5.2 Board Oversight

Section 4.5.3 Delegation of Authority

Section 4.5.4 Authorization and Approvals

Section 4.5.5 Criteria for Proposal of Athletics Expansion

Section 4.5.6 Monitoring

Section 4.5.7 Management of Athletic Affairs

Section 4.5.8 Funding of Intercollegiate Athletic Program

Board Policy 4.6 Discipline of Students

Section 4.6.2 Violations of State or Federal Law

Section 4.6.3 Student Organization Responsibility for Drug Abuse

Section 4.6.4 Alcohol and Drugs on Campus

Board Policy 4.7 Appeals

Board Policy 4.9 University System Student Advisory Council

Campus Affairs

6.3 Intellectual Property

Section 6.3.5 Trademarks

Section 7.11.8 Trademarks – Deleted, incorporated into Policy 6.3.5

Board Policy 6.14 Use of Institution Facilities and Property (Previously 9.10.6)

Section 6.14.1 In Political Campaigns (Previously 9.10.6)

Section 6.14.2 By Unaffiliated Outside Parties (Previously

Board Policy 6.18 Sales of Institutional Products (Previously 7.11.1)

Board Policy 6.19 Business Enterprises (Previously 7.11.2)

Board Policy 6.20 Motor Vehicles (Previously 7.11.4)

Section 6.20.1 Passenger Automobiles (Previously 7.11.4)

Section 6.20.2 Institution Owned Buses (Previously 7.11.4)

Section 6.20.3 Vehicle Regulations (Previously 7.11.4)

Board Policy 6.21 Farming Operations (Previously 7.11.5)

Board Policy 6.22 Identification of USG Institutions (Previously 10.3)

Board Policy 6.23 Institution Publications (Previously 10.2)

Board Policy 6.24 Records Retention (Previously 10.4)

Board Policy 6.25 Healthcare Information (Previously 10.5)

Board Policy 6.26 Application for Discretionary Review (Previously 8.6)

Board Policy 6.27 Integrated Review (Previously 12.7)

Finance and Business

Board Policy 7.2.2 Auxiliary Enterprises and Student Activities Revenues and Expenditures

Board Policy 7.3.4 Out-of-State Tuition Waivers and Waiver of Mandatory Fees

Section Out of State Tuition Waivers

Section Waiver of Mandatory Fees

Section Waiver of Mandatory Fees for U.S. Military Reserve and Georgia National Guard Combat Veterans

Section Waiver Fees of Georgia’s “Dual Enrollment” Program

Board Policy 7.3.5 Refunds

Section Student Withdrawing from an Institution

Section Death of a Student

Section Military Service Refunds

Board Policy 7.5.1 Banking

Section Required Electronic Transfer of Funds

Board Policy 7.5.2 Investments

Section General

Section Investment Objectives

Section Investment Type

Section Asset Allocation

Section Diversification

Section Spending Policy

Section Collateralization

Section Management, Reporting, and Monitoring

Section Use of Investment Manager

Board Policy 7.5.4 Sale of Securities (Replaced)

Board Policy 7.5.4 Georgia Eminent Scholars Endowment Trust Fund (Previously 7.5.5)

Board Policy 7.7.3 Construction Contracts (Previously 7.9.2)

Board Policy 7.7.4 Contracts with Veterans Administration (Previously 7.9.3)

Board Policy 7.9 – Auditing (Previously 7.10)

Section 7.9.1 State Audits (Previously 7.10.1)

Section 7.9.2 Internal Audits (Previously 7.10.2)

Board Policy 7.10 Board of Regents’ Retiree Health Benefit Fund (Previously 7.13)

Section 7.10.1 Purpose - Renamed Investment Policy (Previously 7.13.1)

Section General Investment Objectives (Previously 7.13.2)

Section Responsibilities (Previously 7.13.3)

Section Monitoring of Objectives (Previously 7.13.4)

Section Short-Term Investment Portfolio (Previously 7.13.5)

Section Long-Term Investment Portfolio (Previously 7.13.6)

Board Policy 7.10.2 Other Post-Employment Benefits Funding Policy (Previously 7.17)

Section General Fund Objectives (Previously 7.17.2)

Section Sources of Funding (Previously 7.17.3)

Section Reserve Funding Levels and OPEB Trust Fund Allocation (Previously 7.17.4)

Section Monitoring of Objectives (Previously 7.17.5)

Board Policy 7.11 Risk Management (Previously 7.15)

Section 7.11.1 Definition of Risk (Previously 7.15.1)

Section 7.11.2 Management of Risk (Previously 7.15.2)

Section 7.11.3 Institution Implementation of Risk Management Procedures (Previously 7.15.5)

Board Policy 7.11.1 Sales of Institutional Products (Relocated to 6.18)

Board Policy 7.11.2 Business Enterprises (Relocated to 6.19)

Board Policy 7.11.4 Motor Vehicles (Relocated to 6.20)

Board Policy 7.11.5 Farming Operations (Relocated to 6.21)

Board Policy 7.11.7 Student Housing (Deleted)

Board Policy 7.11.8 Trademarks (Incorporated into 6.3.5)

Board Policy 7.12 Compliance (Previously 7.16)


Board Policy 8.2.8 Retirement and Post Retirement

Section Retirement Systems

Section Definition of a USG Retiree and Eligibility for Health Benefits Upon Retirement

Section Employment Beyond Retirement

Section Career State Employees Eligibility for Retirement with Health and Life Benefits

Board Policy 8.2.19 Tuition Assistance Program

Board Policy 8.2.21 Employment Appeals

Board Policy 8.2.22 University System of Georgia Staff Council

Board Policy 8.3.1 Faculty Employment

Section Recruitment and Appointment

Section Minimum Qualifications for Employment

Section Research and Comprehensive Universities

Section State Universities and State Colleges

Board Policy 8.3.2 Regents’ Professorships

Section Regents’ Researchers

Section Establishment of Named Positions

Board Policy 8.3.3 Intrasystem Recruitment and Inter-Institutional Faculty Appointments

Section Intrasystem Recruitment

Section Inter-Institutional Appointments

Board Policy 8.3.4 Notice of Employment and Resignation

Section Notice of Resignation by Tenured Faculty

Section Renewal of Non-Tenured Faculty with Academic Ranks of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor

Section Employment of Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, and Principal Lecturers

Section Georgia Gwinnett College Faculty

Board Policy 8.3.5 Evaluation of Personnel

Section Faculty

Section Graduate Assistants

Section Academic Administrative Officers

Board Policy 8.3.6 Criteria for Promotion

Section Minimum for All Institutions

Section Research and Comprehensive Universities

Section State Universities

Section State Colleges

Section Institutions with Blended Function

Board Policy 8.3.7 Tenure and Criteria for Tenure

Section General Information Regarding Tenure

Section Tenure Requirement

Section Criteria for Tenure

Section Award of Tenure

Section Notification of Tenure Award

Section Maximum Times without Award of Tenure

Section Loss of Tenure or Probationary Credit Towards Tenure

Section Augusta University

Section Termination or Layoff of Tenured Personnel Due to Program Modification

Board Policy 8.3.8 Non-Tenure Track Personnel

Section Employment of Full-time Lecturers

Section Reappointment of Full-time Lecturers

Section Senior Lecturers and Principal Lecturers (Previously

Section Academic Professionals (Previously

Board Policy 8.3.9 Discipline and Removal of Faculty Members

Section Grounds for Removal

Section Procedures for Dismissal

Section Dismissal of Temporary, Limited-Term or Part-Time Instructional Personnel

Section Temporary Suspension for Charges of Violation of State or Federal Laws

Board Policy 8.3.10 Faculty Employment Applications

Board Policy 8.3.11 Faculty Contracts

Board Policy 8.3.12 Compensation

Section Salaries

Section Criteria for Determining Salaries

Section Summer School Salaries

Section Research, Saturday Classes, and Off-Campus Continuing Education

Section Extra Compensation

Section Salary Supplements for Cooperative Organizations (Previously

Section Employment of Faculty Members with Agency Funds (Previously

Board Policy 8.3.13 Faculty Development (Previously 8.3.14)

Board Policy 8.3.14 Enhancing Teaching and Learning in K-12 Schools and USG Institutions (Previously 8.3.15)


Board Policy 9.3 Facilities Approval for Off-Campus Instruction

Board Policy 9.4.1 Authorization by Board of Regents

Board Policy 9.4.3 Contracting Authority (Previously 9.6.1)

Board Policy 9.5 Facilities and Campus Grounds Development (Previously 9.7)

Section 9.5.1 Sustainable Design and Life Cycle Costing (Previously 9.7.1)

Section 9.5.2 Building Design Standards (Previously 9.7.2)

Section 9.5.3 Modular and Temporary Building (Previously 9.7.3)

Section 9.5.4 Campus Grounds and Landscape Standards (Previously 9.7.4)

Section 9.5.5 Plaques (Previously 9.7.5)

Board Policy 9.6 Housing Operations

Section 9.6.1 Maintenance and Custodial Standards (Previously 9.8.1)

Section 9.6.2 Live on Requirements (Previously 9.8.2)

Section 9.6.3 Presidents’ Houses (Previously 9.10.5)

Section 9.6.4 Employee Housing

Section 9.6.5 Private Housing

Board Policy 9.7 Public Private Ventures (Previously 9.8)

Section 9.7.1 Capital Liability Capacity and Affordability (Previously 9.8.3)

Section 9.7.2 Capital Liability Reserve Funds (Previously 9.8.4)

Section 9.7.3 PPV Rental Agreements (Previously 9.8.5)

Section Lease Rental Agreement Revisions Refinancing (Previously

Section Repair and Replacement Reserves (Previously

Board Policy 9.8 Real Property (Previously 9.9)

Section 9.8.1 Acquisitions (Previously 9.9.2)

Section 9.8.2 Disposition (Previously 9.9.3)

Section Sale of Property (Previously

Section Conveyances for Transportation Improvements (Previously

Section Demolition (Previously

Section 9.8.3 Easements (Previously 9.9.4)

Section 9.8.4 Timber Sales (Previously 9.9.5)

Section 9.8.5 Reporting (Previously 9.9.6)

Board Policy 9.8.1 Housing Facilities (Relocated to 9.6)

Board Policy 9.8.2 Private Housing (Relocated to 9.6.5)

Board Policy 9.9 Use of Board of Regents Property (Previously 9.10)

Section 9.9.1 Leasing Authority as Landlord (Previously 9.10.1)

Section 9.9.2 When to Lease as Landlord (Previously 9.10.2)

Section 9.9.3 Lease of Residential Facilities (Previously 9.10.3)

Section 9.9.4 Lease of Research Facilities (Previously 9.10.4)

Board Policy 9.10 Use of Property Not Owned by the Board of Regents (Previously 9.11)

Section 9.10.1 Leasing Authority as Tenant (Previously 9.11.1)

Section 9.10.2 Leasing as Tenant (Previously 9.11.2)

Section 9.10.3 Reporting of Leases as Tenants (Previously 9.11.3)

Board Policy 9.11 Management and Operations (Previously 9.12)

Section 9.11.1 Sustainability, Efficiency, and Effectiveness (Previously 9.12.1)

Section 9.11.3 Major Repairs and Rehabilitation (Previously 9.12.3)

Section 9.11.4 Environmental and Occupational Safety (Previously 9.13.4)

Information, Records, & Publications

Board Policy 10.1 General Policy on Information Technology (Previously 11.1)

Board Policy 10.2 Board of Regents’ Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines (Previously 11.1.1)

Board Policy 10.3 Project Authorization for Information Management (Previously 11.2)

Section 10.3.1 Delegation of Project Authorization Authority (Previously 11.2.1)

Board Policy 10.4 Information Security Policy Renamed Cybersecurity (Previously 11.3)

Section 10.4.1 System-Level Responsibilities (Previously 11.3.2)

Section 10.4.2 Institutional- and Organizational-Level Responsibilities (Previously 11.3.3)

Section 10.4.3 Identify Theft (Previously 7.14)


Institutional Governance

2.11 Title of Emeritus or Emerita (Previously 8.3.13)

Academic Affairs

Board Policy 3.3.2 Academic Approval for Off-Campus Instructional Sites (Previously 3.3.3)

Board Policy 3.3.7 Learning Support Programs (Previously 3.3.2)

Board Policy 3.3.3 Distance Education Definition added

Board Policy 3.5.1 Grade Point Average

Board Policy 3.5.2 Symbols Not Included in Determining Grade Point Average

Board Policy 3.5.3 Grade Point Average Upon Academic Renewal

Campus Affairs

Board Policy 6.15 Campus Security and Police (Previously 12.8)

             Section 6.15.1 Institution Police Departments (Previously 12.8.1)

              Section 6.15.2 USG Chief of Police (Previously 12.8.2)

              Section 6.15.3 Chief of Police Certification Requirements (Previously 12.8.3)

              Section 6.15.4 Chief of Police Reporting Requirements (Previously 12.8.4)

              Section 6.15.5 Personnel Actions for Institution Chiefs of Police (Previously 12.8.5)

              Section 6.15.6 Notification Requirements (Previously 12.8.6)

              Section 6.15.7 Police Department Assessment Program (Previously 12.8.7)

Board Policy 6.16 Emergency Planning and Preparedness (Previously 9.12.5 and 9.12.6)

Board Policy 6.17 Cooperative Organizations (Previously 12.5)


Board Policy 8.2.10 Worker’s Compensation Benefits

Board Policy 8.2.11 Social Security

Board Policy 8.2.13 Garnishment of Pay (Previously 8.2.14)

Board Policy 8.2.14 Salary Administration and Incentive Rewards Program (Previously 8.2.24)

Board Policy 8.2.15 Career Development (Previously 8.2.17)

Board Policy 8.2.16 Use of USG Resources (Previously 7.11.9)

Board Policy 8.2.17 Voluntary Disclosure of Drug Use (Previously 8.2.18)

Board Policy 8.2.18 Personnel Conduct

             Section Ethics Policy (Previously 8.2.20)

             Section Conflicts of Interest and Conflicts of Commitment (Previously 8.2.15)

              Section Political Activities (Previously

              Section Gratuities (Previously 8.2.13)

              Section Sexual Harassment (Previously 8.2.16)

              Section Amorous Relationships (Previously 8.2.23)

              Section Violations of Policies Governing Personnel Behavior (Previously


Board Policy 9.2.1 Campus Master Planning (Previously 9.2.2)

             Section 9.2.2 Master Planning Services

             Section 9.2.3 System Capital Plan

Board Policy 9.4 Capital Project Authorization, Procurement, and Contracting

             Section 9.4.2 Project Delivery Methods (Previously 9.5.1)

             Section 9.4.4 Professional Services Procurement (Previously 9.5.2)

             Section 9.4.6 Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (Previously 9.5.4)

             Section 9.4.7 Required Reporting (Previously 9.6.2)

             Section 9.4.8 Debarment (Previously 9.6.3)



Academic Affairs

Board Policy 3.1 General Policy

Board Policy 3.2.5 Termination of Faculty Employment (Removed – Included in Policy 8.3.9)

Board Policy 3.3.4 United States and Georgia History and Constitution

Board Policy 3.6.1 Creation of Academic Programs

Student Affairs

Board Policy 4.1.3 Student Voting Privileges

Board Policy 4.2 Undergraduate Admissions

Board Policy 4.2.1 Admission Requirements for Programs Leading to the Baccalaureate Degree

Board Policy 4.2.3 Additional Admissions Policies

Board Policy Institution Admission Requirements (Previously General)

Board Policy Referral of Students to Other Institutions

Board Policy Right to Refuse Admission

Board Policy Social Security Numbers (Relocated to 6.12)

Board Policy 4.8.1 Immunizations Against Disease During an Outbreak or Epidemic

Campus Affairs

Board Policy 6.11 Weapons (Previously 9.13)

Board Policy 6.12 Social Security Numbers (Previously

Board Policy 6.13 Interment of Persons on Campus (Previously 12.4)

Finance & Business

Board Policy 7.1 General Policy

Section 7.1.1 Allocation of Funds

Section Procedures

Section Deficits

Section Financial Report

Board Policy 7.2 USG Budget

Section 7.2.1 Educational and General Revenues and Expenditures

Section Instruction

Section Research

Section Public Service

Section Academic Support

Section Student Services

Section Institutional Support

Section Plant Operations and Maintenance

Section Scholarships and Fellowships

Section 7.2.3 Operating Budgets

Section 7.2.4 Budget Amendments

Board Policy Tuition Agreements with Corporations, Organizations, and Other Legal

Board Policy Mandatory Student Fees

Board Policy Elective Fees and Special Charges

Board Policy Auxiliary and Fee Reserves

Board Policy 7.3.3 Tuition and Fee Payment and Deferral

Board Policy 7.5.3 Loan Funds for Matching Purposes

Board Policy 7.6 Travel

Board Policy 7.7 Purchasing

Section 7.7.1 General Policy

Section 7.7.2 Employee Purchasing

Board Policy 7.8.1 Property Insurance

Board Policy 7.8.2 Liability Insurance

Section Automotive

Section Professional Liability

Board Policy 7.9 Contracts (Reserved)

Board Policy 7.9.1 Contracting Authority (Reserved)


Board Policy Corps of Instruction (Removed as unnecessary because policy defines Corps of Instruction and Policy 8.1.1 refers to the definition in Section 3.)

Board Policy 8.2.1 Equal Employment Opportunity

Section 8.2.2 Age Criteria

Section 8.2.4 Employment of Foreign Nationals

Section 8.2.5 Employee Orientation

Section 8.2.6 Holidays

Board Policy 8.4 Additional Personnel Policies and Procedures


Board Policy 9.13 Weapons (Relocated to Section 6.11)


Board Policy 12.4 Interment of Persons on Campus (Relocated to Section 6.13)



Officers of the Board of Regents

  Board Policy 1.2.5 Institutional Responsibilities (Section Removed)

 Academic Affairs

  Board Policy Administrative Officers

  Board Policy Other Faculty Members

  Board Policy 3.2.2 Election of Faculties (Section Removed – Replaced Below)

Board Policy 3.2.2 Regents’ Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Student Success

Board Policy 3.7 Regents’ Reading and Writing Skills Requirement (Discontinued)

Board Policy 3.7 Research (Previously Section 6)

 Board Policy 3.8.5 Diplomas Earned at Institutions Under a Previous Name

 Campus Affairs

  Board Policy 6.1 Seals (Previously 12.3)

Board Policy 6.2 Use of Institution Names, Logos, and Trademarks (Previously 7.11.3)

Board Policy 6.4 Political Interference (Previously 12.1)

Board Policy 6.5 Freedom of Expression (Previously 12.10)

Board Policy 6.6 Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment (Previously 4.1.2)

Board Policy 6.7 Sexual Misconduct Policy (Previously 4.1.7)

Board Policy 6.8 Disruptive Behavior (Previously 4.63 and 12.2)

Board Policy 6.9 Programs Serving Minors (Previously 12.9)

Board Policy 6.10 Tobacco and Smoke-Free Campuses (Previously 9.1.7)

 Finance & Business

Board Policy Tuition Definitions


Board Policy 9.1 General Policy on Real Estate and Facilities

Board Policy 9.1.1 Definitions

Board Policy 9.1.2 Portfolio Management and Utilization

Board Policy 9.1.3 Procedures, Standards, and Guidelines

Board Policy 9.1.4 Real Estate Delegation of Authority



  8.2.19 Tuition Assistance Program


9/7/2017 Admission of Auditors


8/11/2017 7.4 Private Donations to the USG and Its Institutions  
  7.4.1 Naming of Places, Colleges, or Schools  
8/9/2017   1.5 Other Officers (removed)  
  1.1 Officers of the Board of Regents  
  1.3 Secretary to the Board of Regents  
  4.6.5 Standards for Institutional Student Conduct Investigation and Disciplinary Proceedings  
8/3/2017   Board of Regents Policy Overview (introduction text updated)  
5/16/2017 Exceptions to Freshman Admission Requirements for Special Groups of Students Non-Traditional Students Out-of-State Tuition Waivers Required Electronic Transfer of Funds  


  2.1 Election of Presidents by the Board


  2.4.2 Reappointment Declined

1/11/2017 Definitions Tuition for Distance Learning Courses and Programs Elective Fees and Special Charges Auxiliary and Fee Reserves  


 3.4 Academic Calendar
 8.2.9 Insurance  

 8.3.4 Notice of Employment and Resignation


8.3.7 Tenure and Criteria for Tenure