Open Records

Georgia Open Records Act

As allowed by state law, the Office of Legal Affairs is the designated, central open records office for Georgia College & State University.

Georgia is an open records state. As a state agency, Georgia College & State University shall adhere to the Georgia Open Records Act as prescribed by the Georgia General Assembly.

The Georgia Open Records Act requires that public records be open and available for review by any member of the public. The majority of documents in the possession of University personnel must be made available under the Open Records Act. These documents include:

  • student evaluations of academic courses;
  • personnel files of all employees (excluding Social Security numbers, medical information or information relating to the designation of beneficiaries);
  • employee performance evaluations;
  • any email sent or received on University-owned equipment, or through private equipment housed on GCSU property, regardless of whether the subject matter is business related;
  • hand-written notes;
  •  videotapes; and
  • photographs.
  • Records held by private persons for a state agency, and records held away from the work site, are also subject to the Open Records Act.

It is important to note that any personal documents, pictures, videos, et al that you store on your work computer can be subject to public disclosure.

In accordance with the Georgia Open Records Act, Georgia College follows the Board of Regents Policy on Employee Personnel Records.

Please click the following link for information on the Georgia Open Records Act.

If you would like copies of public records, as allowed under the Act, please submit an Open Records Request via the online submission form.