Types of Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Status

Georgia College & State University employs both non-immigrant and immigrant status. Below are the statuses that are employed with a brief description.

Types of Non-Immigrant Status

Non-Immigrant status are foreign nationals that have the intent to leave the U.S. once they have completed their activity (education or work) or their status is expired.

 H-1B Status

This category is for the temporary employment of foreign nationals in a specialty occupation category. It is also the most common work visa found in higher education. The position must require, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree. In addition, the international employee must meet the minimum qualifications for the position. The international employee must be paid the higher wage between the prevailing wage and the actual wage that GC will pay to all other similarly situated employees in the same specified employment position. The position must be approved by the Department of Labor through the filing of a Labor Condition Application.

It is the university’s policy to ONLY employ internationals in full-time faculty and professional staff positions.

TN Status

This non-immigrant status was created as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) for individuals from Canada or Mexico employed in specific fields. Persons who qualify may apply at the border or inside the United States. The employment must be temporary in nature and must be found on a list of authorized employment fields published by the US Department of State.

O-1 Status

This category is specifically for the employment of professionals with extraordinary ability. To qualify, the international employee must be in the top 3-5% of his/her field of specialty. This is a difficult standard to meet. The O-1 is valid for up to three years initially but then may be renewed only one year at a time.

F and J Status

All F-status and J-status visas are processed in the International Education Center. Please contact the IEC at 478-445-4789 for more information.

Immigrant Visa Status

Immigrant status are those foreign nationals that have the intent to live in the U.S. permanently.

Permanent Residency (PR)

All full-time tenure or tenure-track faculty are eligible for permanent residency sponsorship by Georgia College. The PR sponsorship must be recommended by the department chair/supervisor and dean/director, with final university approval granted by the Vice President of that division.