Murace Committees



  • Brooke Conaway (Economics)
  • Kelly Massey (Health Sciences and Undergrad Research Journal)
  • Nicole DeClouette (Associate Dean of Education)
  • Sabrina Hom (Philosophy and WGS)
  • Scott Butler (Health Sciences)
  • Shaundra Walker (Director of Library)
  • Brian Newsome (Dean of Honors College)
  • Dana Gorzelany-Mostak (Music)
  • Elissa Auerbach (Art)
  • Jamie Downing (Communications)
  • Jehan El-Jourbagy (Business and GC Journeys Fellow in COB)
  • Jennifer Flaherty (English)
  • Mariana Stoyanova (World Languages)
  • Jim Berger (Directer of CTL)
  • Joy Bracewell (Director of Writing Center)
  • Sam Mutiti (Biology)
  • Stephanie McClure (Sociology)
  • Tsu-Ming Chiang (Psychology and CUR)
  • Winston Tripp (Associate Dean COAS)
  • Hasitha Mahabaduge (Physics)
  • Jessica Wallace (History)
  • Matthew Forrest (Art)
  • Melissa Gerrior (LGBTQ+ Programs)


Conference Committee Members are required to play a significant role in planning, reviewing, and preparations for the conference. A committee member must participate in a meaningful way in preparation for and on the day of the conference. Some roles a committee member may be asked to participate in are: 

  • Serve as and Recruiting Reviewers,
  • Scheduling Presentations,
  • Creating and Stuffing Nametags,
  • Conference Logistics (including ordering food and other supplies, setup and takedown of sessions, placement of signage, etc.), 
  • Suggesting Awards,
  • Be Present in an Oral Presentation,
  • Serving at the Registration Desk,
  • Other Duties as Determined Necessary

Student Research Conference Committee Members

  • Jennifer Flaherty

  • Brooke Conaway
  • Scott Butler
  • Dana Gorzelany-Mostak
  • Kelly Massey
  • Mariana Stoyanova
  • Tsu-Ming Chiang
  • Samuel Mutiti
  • Jamie Downing
  • Elissa Auerbach
  • Katie Simon
  • Hasitha Mahabaduge
  • Al Mead
  • Jessica Wallace
  • Joy Bracewell
  • Cynthia Alby
  • Jehan Eljourbagy
  • Stefanie Sevcik

Research day committee

  • Parris Story
  • Winston Tripp
  • Hasitha Mahabaduge
  • Shaundra Walker
  • Al Mead
  • Holley Roberts
  • Jordan Cofer
  • Sabrina Hom
  • Brian Newsome
  • Nicole DeClouette
  • Tanya Goette
  • Emily Jarvis
  • Stefanie Sevcik

Summer funding committee 

  • Brooke Conaway (College of Business and Technology Representative)
  • Arnab Sengupta (College of Arts and Sciences Representative)
  • Kelly Massey (College of Health Sciences Representative)
  • Dana Gorzelany-Mostak (Creative Endeavors Representative) 
  • TBD (College of Education Representative)