Student Undergraduate Research Circle


The Student Research Circle is re-emerging full steam this Fall 2022!

The first meeting of the semester will take place on Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 from 6-7pm in the Library Atrium.  Pizza will be served!

Undergraduate students from all disciplines--including the arts--are invited to participate in this group.  This is an informal, student-led group to discuss all aspects of undergraduate research including finding a mentor, finding funding, going to conferences, and how to navigate applications.

The group is also looking for student leaders to help facilitate discussions and develop agendas.  For more information or to apply for leadership, please contact Faculty Director of MURACE, Dr. Stefanie Sevcik at

Hope to see you there!

This organization is not a Registered Student Organization (RSO). It is lead by a group of students who have published and presented research or creative endeavors who are interested in helping other students do the same. The Faculty Mentor is Dr. Stefanie Sevcik.

Upcoming Events

Informational Meeting

Wednesday, September 28th 6-7pm

Library Atrium

Pizza Provided

Students from All Disciplines and Creative Arts Welcome!

Research Roundup

Virtual Through Gather Town
Fall 2021
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Please sign up here to participate.
Preview Gather Town here

A place where faculty and students meet to discuss research interest. The event follows the logistics of  a "speed dating" format. Faculty will be stationed in separate locations in Gather Town. Everyone will have an avatar. Once a student's avatar move close to the faculty member's avatar both will go on live video to speak to each other about research interest and opportunities. There will be up to 5 minutes at each faculty station in Round 1 and then students will rotate to the next faculty member. Once the first round is completed, students will be free to return to any faculty member's station for which they want more information. 

Who Should Participate?
  • Undergraduate students (Freshmen, sophomores,  juniors, seniors) with even the slightest interest in conducting undergraduate research and creative endeavors
  • Faculty members and teaching staff with an interest in mentoring undergraduate researchers and helping them to learn the value of research for their futures
Purpose of the Circle
  • To encourage Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to consider undergraduate research & creative endeavors opportunities
  • To bring Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors together to hear about research and presentation experiences from undergraduate researchers serving as peer mentors
  • To inspire other undergraduates to conduct scholarly endeavors and to present them at conferences and/or in journal publications
  • To welcome all disciplines to share scholarly ideas in a place where all voices are welcome
  • To cross-pollinate ideas by collaborating across disciplines
  • To provide a place where faculty are observers and students can ask questions in order to find a faculty mentor for their future research &/or creative endeavors
Meet the Circle Leaders

2020-2021 Officers

Emily Wyche, Chair Elect 2021-2022

College female with brown hair


My name is Emily Wyche, and I am a second-year Criminal Justice major. I recently joined the research circle and am very excited to explore various topics pertaining to government and sociology.

Andrew Moring, Vice Chair Elect 2021-2022


Catherine Boyd, Chair

Female long brown hair

I am Catherine Boyd. I am a Physics major at Georgia College & State University and plan on graduating this May. I have been a member of Dr. Mahabaduge’s condensed matter research group since my freshman year of college. 

Lillian Daniel, Vice Chair

Young lady brown hair

My name is Lillian Daniel and I'm a senior Chemistry major. I'm a chemistry scholar in Dr. Fietkau's research group and a member of Dr. Mahabaduge's physics research group. I'm also a lab assistant and have been a tutor for the Learning Center here at Georgia College. I look forward to serving as the Vice President of the Murace Student Research circle for the 2020-2021 semesters.

Previous Officers
Madeline Drives, Fall 2019/Spring 2020
Nick Palmer, Chair Spring 2019 
Cameron Skinner, Chair 2018 

Inspiration for the Circle

Cameron Skinner is the co-founder of the Research Circle. Cameron’s Inspiration for the focus of this Circle came from Ambassador Ramu Damodaran, Deputy Director for Partnerships and Public Engagement, United Nations Department of Public Information Outreach Division and Chief of Academic Impact Initiative, United Nations’ NCUR Opening Remarks are found at NCUR at VIDEO

Circle Mission
  • Provide opportunities in a casual setting in order to connect experienced undergraduate researchers with "newbies" to create a mentor/mentee relationship 
  • Break down research silos across disciplines
  • Provide a forum for research ideas to be shared that benefit those students participating in mentored undergraduate research and creative endeavors 
  • Provide faculty with an interest in mentoring undergraduate researchers with and opportunity to meet potential mentees
Grassroots Beginnings
  • A conversation with Dr. Sams, Faculty Coordinator for MURACE
  • A document with Cameron’s proposal sent to Dr. Sewell, Director of CTL and to the Senior Associate Provost, Dr. Costas Spirou•Approval from Senior Associate Provost, Dr. Costas Spirou
  • Shae Latham, MURACE Intern, and Cameron Skinner began reaching out to GC students
  • First meeting – September 10, 2018, Lead by Cameron Skinner in Atkinson Hall
  • After three successful meetings, planning began for a "Research Roundup" that took place in early 2019
  • NOW, in Fall 2019 the organization is growing, is under the umbrella of the GC Journeys Office with more and more new opportunities for ALL (undergraduates, faculty, and staff) to get involved to fulfill the Circle's mission 
Faculty Supporters

Dr. Stefanie Sevcik, MURACE Faculty Director

Previous Events